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Ty and I went to dinner this evening with our wonderful friend Helen, who is so busy working for Apple Computers that she has very little spare time these days. Her favorite restaurant is Le Bistro – if you have ever watched Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, you may recognize Chef Andy Trousdale and his beautiful wife Elin – who are a reality TV Success Story as Chef Trousdale is truly a master of flavor combinations. Le Bistro of Lighthouse Point had a special four course dinner featuring Wines of Argentina. Chef Andy also uses as much organic and sustainable produce and products as possible – and I love clean eating!

Our first course was Crispy Manchego Cheese, with heirloom tomato, cucumber and sweet pepper salad, red pepper coulis, and balsamic reduction. It was one of the most beautiful plates I have ever been served in a restaurant. It was like a beautiful spring watercolor painting on silk, with shades of red, orange, yellows, greens – and it tasted as fresh and lively as it looked. The melted cheese with the freshness of the sauces and salads made this a dish I could eat every day! It was paired with a glass of sparkling rose that tasted like berries. An amazing first course that I will be analyzing and copying – or maybe I will just ask Chef Andy to make this off menu for me every now and then. Loved this! I believe I may have licked my plate…egads.

Our entree was Pork Tenderloin Wellington – it was so perfectly cooked that the pork was melt in your mouth tender and juicy in its thin crust that was layered over a bit of finely chopped olive and roasted pepper. There was a coffee sauce on the plate too – the entire dish was seasoned beautifully and served with Yucca flavored with garlic and lime. I had never tasted this Cuban starchy vegetable before and it was excellent. Our entree was paired with a delicious red wine that had the flavor of cherries and tasted incredible with the pork.

Helen demonstrated her new iPad by taking videos of all of us – being the gadget guru that she is, she had to be one of the first to have the latest edition. It was fun to catch up with Helen’s life. She is so happy!

Dessert was a tiny glass of Port wine served with a delectable Tres Leches Chocolate Meringue cake – sinfully soaked in sugared milks, hence the name ‘three milks’. The square of sweet milk soaked cake was topped with sweetened meringue and dusted with cocoa – wow. Ty grabbed my hand and told me to NOT eat it. I had not PLANNED on eating it, as I knew it would be very sweet, so as I have done when faced with an spectacular dessert in a fine restaurant for the past ten years, I took a single tiny measured taste and allow it to dissolve on my tongue. That’s it, I am happy.

Life more than ten years after weight loss surgery is still extraordinary. Life begins when we decide to take control.

When in Lighthouse Point Florida, make sure you have dinner at Le Bistro. The food and ambiance is truly enjoyable.
Malbec Wine Dinner, Thursday, 3/24

Fried Manchego & salad
Aged Manchego, heirloom tomato, cucumber, red pepper coulis
Santa Julia Sparking Rose

Shrimp ceviche
Marinated shrimp, garlic, onion, chilli, citrus, olive oil
Crios De Susana Balbo Rose of Malbec ’09

Pork Wellington”
Pork tenderloin, olives, red & green bell peppers, wrapped in pastry, roasted coffee bean jus, steamed yucca, mojo garlic butter
Budini Malbec ’09

Chocolate tres leches
Genoise sponge cake, chocolate, meringue, three types of milk
Malamado Malbec Port Style ’05

$39 per person plus tax and gratuity
Reservations (954) 946-9240″


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