Chef Trousdale Le Bistro

Chef Andy Trousdale

Le Bistro Restaurant, Lighthouse Point, Florida

If you like to cook, correction… if you appreciate fine dining and love to eat, you won’t want to miss the incredible cooking class at popular Le Bistro in Lighthouse Point. No matter what your level of cooking, you will pick up a tip or learn a new technique, from beginners to seasoned cooks. Chef Andy Trousdale is impressive, a superb teacher, handsome, and you’ll love his British accent and wit. Chef prepares each course live, in real time to serve to the class. Regulars who have caught on to Chef Trousdale’s monthly cooking extravaganza order a bottle of wine and make a delicious afternoon of it!

pork tenderloin


Theme: Impressive Entertaining for 2 or 20, Professional Shortcuts & Restaurant Secrets.

Join Chef Andy on a mouth-watering exploration of Holiday Cooking

Special Event – Saturday, December 17, 2011 Noon – 3:00 PM


Fried Taleggio

salad vert, tarragon vinaigrette

French onion soup gratin

Crostini & Gruyere cheese

Scottish filet of salmon

Crispy seared, cucumber salsa, aged balsamic, smoke salted potato chips

Scottish filet of salmon with cucumber salsa and smoke salted potato chips


Minute steak chausseur

Garlic, onion, tomato, mushroom, red wine, fingerling potatoes


Filet of pork tenderloin

apples, sage, onion & potato hash, pan juices

Creme brulee

$55 per person includes class and lunch

Optional wine pairing pairing $30


Limited space, reservations essential~ 954 946-9240

Le Bistro regular Helen Byram contemplating a Triffle parfait

Helen Byram, a Le Bistro regular, told me about the class several months ago, and I make it a point to clear one day a month to enjoy myself! I really love this class – Chef Trousdale is a talented and superb chef!

jumbo marshmallows with chocolate sauce

In the Spring class, Chef Trousdale demonstrated preparation of Homemade Jumbo Marshmallows doused in Chocolate Sauce. Who on earth has ever made Marshmallows? This class was a fantastic and unexpected treat. – SML

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