Calcet Creamy Bites take away the excuse to skip calcium. They're a bariatric treat!No one wants to take calcium. It’s the most unpopular product that we carry. No one likes to take it unless it’s our super DimaCal Calcium capsules and even then, there is absolutely nothing sexy about it. The docs tell us it’s the most important supplement, but since the devastation is silent, it’s easy to skip.

IF OUR HAIR FELL OUT WHEN OUR BONES WERE THIRSTY FOR CALCIUM, we’d be fighting each other to be first in line for it. But it doesn’t and we don’t.

There is one calcium that is a game changer for those who need motivation. Creamy Bites. It is hard to believe that a soft lemony pillow that tastes like whipped lemon cheesecake is actually calcium. Ditto for the chocolate, as the soft chocolaty caramel flavored bite that looks like it’s been plucked from a Russell Stover box is far from calcium in taste or appearance.  There’s No Chalk, No Grit, No Aftertaste, No Inconvenience. In fact, they are quite joyful.

If you think that taking Calcium is important but just haven’t been able to bring yourself to chewing big ole cinnamon hunks of chalk, try these. Just try a box. You will not have any more calcium woes.

And… you just might sidestep skeletal problems when you’re 70!

Get yourself a box of Creamy Bites!


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