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My New Life… on Hold
If you have been targeting January 1 as your Official Start Date for your annual diet and beginning of your new, New Life, there’s a good chance you are doomed before even getting out of the gate. The very idea of choosing a date in the future to START means you are viewing changes as negative, difficult, and that your life with food will pretty much suck from that point forward. As in ‘I know its October and I didnt get my act together to lose weight this summer but who wants to diet over the holidays; I will make a fresh start with My New Life on New Years Day.’

Cure for Stinkin Thinkin is a Checkup from the Neckup
Weight loss surgery is not a diet where you start and stop, it’s a way we have committed to live. Permanent surgical changes are meant to enforce this new way of thinking. What is stopping you from starting RIGHT NOW other than you? Get rid of the Stinkin Thinkin. Start now, no matter what the date and you’ll feel so much better that you are choosing to live in the present!

What are you going to do if you don’t start now? Eat more wings with blue cheese dip? More chips? Have another bowl of ice cream? What is it that you want to eat? There is nothing so important about the next few days that it justifies putting off change that is really in your head.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar, mini candy bar
As graduates of MO, we look for any reason we can find to indulge. “It’s my Birthday!”  “July 4th BBQ TIME!” “Yay, I’m on Vacation!” “Merry Christmas!” “Happy New Year’s Eve!” What about all those days in between? Make a commitment now. We all want to ring in the New Year with a party of sorts and we can do it with respect to our bariatric surgery. Do your best 98% of the time and if you eat one thing that in a ‘do over’ would not have chosen, it doesn’t mean its over. Move on and next opportunity, make a better choice. The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.

What are you Waiting For?!
Start now and you will be proud of yourself. Take a stand. Make it happen. Take the first step and get your supplies for the big change. This is the year we get to goal and learn to live there but start now, don’t wait.

We have the Plan, you provide the Willpower and Drive! I lost 58 pounds of regain and invite you to join me continue into 2016 with a lighter happier life.

Make it happen… make 2016 about you! I can do it. You can do it! We can do it.

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One thought on “I’ll Start on Monday!

  1. Carmela S. says:

    Hello, I just recently found this site and curious about so much. My RNY was done back in 2009 and I have about 20 pounds that I want to lose and fee the BOT program may just do the trick. I’m not sure exactly where to begin. I have placed an order for Inspire to do the pouch reset, but in the meantime, what exactly can I do to get myself more prepared?

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