Pancho the Bariatric pouchIt’s time for your BE Holiday Reality Check this time through the story of Little Pancho the bariatric pouch. The way to have a Better Bariatric Christmas is in how we choose to see things. 

My bariatric pouch, ‘Pancho’, can’t read. He can’t tell time and he doesn’t know what a calendar is. He had no idea it was Thanksgiving and that it is now Christmas. He had no idea that the original idea of the day to Give Thanks has been all but lost and is now a GORGEFEST of food.

So, I pretended that he was a baby that had to be taught everything about life. Pancho now knows what Thanksgiving is all about! It’s about seeing your family and friends, laughing over the funny stuff going on in life, thinking about all we have that we are grateful for and even shedding a tear over the memories of those who used to sit at the table.

We happen to all meet at a time that coincides with dinner. Now, we prefer Turkey for this day and that’s a good thing in Pancho’s world. Pancho had a bit of dark meat and some white meat with gravy and he had flat green beans too. Baby Pancho was afraid of some of the foods he had never seen and stayed away from them. For a treat, he did get a bite of stuffing and later some sugar free pumpkin pie.

He had a FABULOUS time, was all tuckered out at the end of the day and fell asleep on the two hour drive home. I have already told him all about Christmas and I believe he is going to like too and I didn’t even tell him about the sugar free cookies for Santa or the presents!

story by Kristin
9 months post op Gastric Sleeve
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