Guess My Deficiency, Dark Circles? Tired? Ice Chewing? Got It?

IRON DEFICIENCY! You knew the answer, you may even have one, but most of us choose to look the other way.

Greater than HALF of all bariatric post ops know they have an iron deficiency but do not take iron because they are afraid of the SIDE EFFECTS. We have all nervously laughed upon hearing the words ‘Manual Extraction’, but honestly, it isn’t funny.

This deficiency can often be avoided and in most cases easily handled but we take our chances with under eye circles, terrible fatigue, telling ourselves we LIKE to chew ice and even endure IV infusions. All because we are more worried about the side effects of ordinary iron; cement-like constipation, burning and nausea. It is important to treat, as a serious iron deficiency can damage your heart.

What to do?
Since I am a bariatric post op, it was critical for us to tackle Iron Deficiency with common sense, empathy and SCIENCE instead of using cheap iron and making believe side effects don’t happen.

Journey Gentle Iron elects to use highly specialized chelated iron from Albion Laboratories that does NOT create these terrible and dreaded side effects – you can ‘Take Your Iron’ as you have been told and work to avoid the deficiency instead of spending years digging out of one.  Our formulas offer better and more efficient nutritional support for post op health – a benefit of Bariatric Vitamins developed by those who take them!

5 Reasons to take Albion Ferrochel® ‘Gentle Iron’

1. Safer—your body absorbs ONLY what it needs
Ferrochel’s chelate structure allows your body’s iron stores to control how much iron is absorbed, so that you don’t absorb too much. A body suffering from iron deficiency may uptake 90% of the iron from Ferrochel, while a body not deficient may uptake only a small amount. This product was developed to be added to the milk supply and given to pregnant women in countries where babies had developmental problems because of widespread anemia.

2. Less Nausea and Constipation
Studies have found fewer instances of gastrointestinal upset with Albion’s specialized iron. This is a huge advantage for bariatric post ops, who can take Journey products without worrying about burning, nausea and super scary constipation. Worry about constipation is a daily topic in the BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook.

3. Taste Free!!! Promise.
A study of iron supplementation in women found that 30% of women stopped taking a typical iron supplement because of the metallic taste—compared to NONE of the women taking Ferrochel® iron as it is *completely* taste free. Journey Grape Melt tablets are so good that taste is a NON ISSUE. They are a natural grape, not a kids purple tongue *Goofy Grape*.

4. More Effective—even with a lower dose
Albion’s specialized and patented chelated form significantly Increases Absorption through the intestinal wall compared to typical iron supplements. Less is More and Efficiency is always a good thing.

5. No 2 Hour Rule… buh bye! 
Typical iron supplements block absorption of other nutrients such as calcium, vitamin E, and vitamin C, which is where ‘THE 2 HOUR RULE’ comes from. Albion® Iron is ionically neutral (carrying no electrical charge) and it does NOT attach itself to and therefore block absorption of other nutrients, so you may take your iron when it is convenient. We have added it to our multi formula, so no more separate iron unless already deficient.

Journey chooses Albion® super specialized iron for Gentle Iron Grape Melts, Gentle Iron Capsules and Easy & Complete 3+3 Multi Tangerine Tabs, Berry Tabs & Capsules.

Get yourself some Journey Gentle Iron Grape Melts


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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8 thoughts on “Guess the bariatric deficiency… Dark Circles, Ice Chewing, Fatigue?

  1. Rita says:

    I’am 7 years out and gaining my weight back.  Dr has left the state, I hurt all the time and feel like I’am 70. What do I need to do. Please help

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      It is a bad habit. Too many post ops had 12 pack Mt. Dew and Coke habits before surgery. It is common to studies that soda drinkers consume more calories and make more unhealthy food choices. Clear out the old and bring in a new way of eating that doesnt include the bad. All surgical groups tell us NO SODA and its good to listen to the doc. 🙂

  2. Gloria Lugibihl says:

    I would like all the info. On this post op surgery   . I need so much help because it’s been 15 years  and  I get iron IV’s all the time 

  3. Rhonda H. Watts says:

    My issue is that I crave cornstarch. I eat by the box. I prefer it over food but to say the least, constipation is terrible….my weight is climbing steadily as well…and I am ALWAYS exhausted….. ( leg cramps as well)..I just can’t shake the cravings!..PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Rhonda, eating cornstarch would indicate you have a form of PICA, meaning a Vitamin or Mineral deficiency is causing this behavior. Please go to a Bariatric Friendly primary care doctor or your bariatric group and tell them that you have a compulsion to eat Cornstarch so they will do the blood tests and help you. You should not ignore this as it is hurting you. Iron deficiency can be VERY serious if left untreated. – Susan

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