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Low Carb Quick List: Fruit!


We hate breaking the news to new post ops that their chocolate banana peanut butter protein shakes are killing their weight loss. Carbs are even more confusing when we add fruit to the basket already containing donuts and spinach.


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Should I Eat Fruit on a Bariatric Diet? Maybe…

Everyone knows that fruit is a healthy food right up there with vegetables, right? Yes, BUT it depends on which fruit and where you are in your weight loss. If your one year Honeymoon window is closing, you don’t want to be eating little banana slice sandwiches with peanut butter and raisins! That would be a bad thing.

Fruit has vitamins, minerals, and fiber but some of it is very high in carbohydrates made of the loosely connected ‘LEGO’ sugar molecules explained in the Low Carb Quick List: Veggies! article. Keep track of all your carbs. Keep an eye on portion size and don’t eat canned fruit in syrup (Libby’s does have really nice canned Spenda peaches that I love with cottage cheese and cinnamon)

Best shortcut: DON’T add a banana to your protein drink if you’re trying to lose weight!

Ah Ha fruit moment: People who make 1000 calorie weight gainer shakes commonly use milk, peanut butter, oatmeal and bananas. Maybe not so good to use 3 of those ingredients in your bariatric protein drink, ya think? Try unsweetened almond milk, a few frozen strawberries and Inspire Whey Protein Powder. Big difference, great taste, 110 calories.



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15 thoughts on “Low Carb Quick List: Fruit

  1. Vickie says:

    Thank you for putting me back on track. I was of the mindset any fruit was a good fruit. I have been loading my body with FRUIT SUGAR and didn’t realize. No wonder the 15 pound gain happened. Today is a new day! Thank you!

  2. Jean T says:

    I just got done making a protein shake in my new Nutribullet before I read this article. I used 1 cup unsweetened almond coconut milk, 4oz Fage 0% plain yogurt,
    1 and a 1/2 scoops Dutch Choc protein powder, and 1/4 of a banana (gave Dad the rest). Next time, NO Banana!!! Thanks for posting.

  3. Roxanne says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I super love eating fruits but I make sure that I keep eating high glycemic fruits in moderation and indulge myself completely with the low glycemic ones! Not only it sates my sugar craving but it helps me lose weight too! I love to indulge my fruits with smoothies!

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