Susan Maria's Bariatric Friendly Christmas



We always have seafood for Christmas Eve as a nod to the traditional Italian seven fishes celebration. I poach some large shrimp, make homemade cocktail sauce, and a special cheese plate. We open a bottle of Prosecco and watch a Holiday movie then open our gifts. My family are Christmas Eve ‘gift opening people’ while my husband’s family are Christmas morning folk, lol.

Christmas Eve Toast

Mini Walnut Cheese Balls – Perfect bites, roll them in chopped walnuts, craisins and parsley. Super easy
Shrimp Cocktails – Poach some large shrimp and make cocktail sauce by combining Low Sugar Heinz with horseradish, fresh lemon juice & Sriracha
Prosecco – lightly sparkling Italian wine that is perfect for a celebration




Shrimp Cocktail for Bariatric Eating


Christmas Dinner

Christmas Day consists of appetizers followed by a simple plated meal and of course later on we have dessert!


Small Plate Appetizers

Pork Stuffed Mini Peppers – Roasted sweet peppers that have been stuffed with Asian pork mixture – ginger, sesame and garlic. Simple.

BLT Deviled Eggs – The flavors of a BLT in a deviled egg. Perfection.

Warm Artichoke Spread – A much lower fat version of the restaurant dip we all love. Lots more artichokes – still creamy and delicious!


Pork Stuffed Mini Peppers




Baked Artichoke Parmesan Dip


Main Meal

Pear, Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad in a Cucumber Bowl – A fancy pants presentation of a simple salad in a cucumber ring that your family or party guests will love.

Roast Eye Round of Beef  – Everyone loves Roast Beef! It doesn’t take long to roast and it is economical because it feeds many. The key is to keep it rare and slice it very thin.

Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower – Forget about overpriced ‘cauliflower rice’ slice it into planks and roast it at high temperature to get the edges brown and caramelized.

Pear Walnut Blue Cheese Salad for Bariatric Eating


Eye Round Roast Beef


Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower



Cherry Christmas Cheesecake – Holiday showstopper dessert that is sugar free, sweetened with Truvia stevia blend & Splenda! Super creamy. Five ingredients! Boom.

Holiday Cherry Cheesecake made with Truvia & Splenda


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