There is a choice in front of you – do what it takes to fire up your metabolism and burn off this regain – or you can live with what you’ve got.

It takes just TEN MINUTES, 3 Days a Week, to blow the doors off your weight loss efforts. This TEN MINUTE WORKOUT turned a 25 pound weight loss into 58 pounds gone and I am not stopping because it makes me feel PROUD and STRONG when I get to the end.

You owe it to yourself and every thing you’ve gone through to dedicate this small amount of time to getting back that feeling you had when you were at your lowest weight! Make up your mind that you are going to get up from the sofa and give it a go. When I first started this routine, I squeezed myself into too small workout clothes that I once wore so proudly, just to remind myself that I was once there. 



Feel the energy just watching this video – BJ Gaddour of Men’s Health and Streamfit is funny and cute and he works in real time so you can move right along with him. The movements are not difficult for bariatric post ops but they will work your entire body. (don’t let the name Arms & Abs fool you, this is a full body workout that will jack up your metabolism sky high)

Do the best you can the first time you follow along, and pause if you need to watch what he is doing a few times, to understand the definition of HINGE or SQUAT. Take your time and don’t feel rushed. After a few times you will be more familiar with the movements.

You don’t need much space and can do this ANYWHERE. I do this video in my bedroom.

You’ll need a one 8 pound dumb bell that you can buy for $10 at Target or Walmart. Pick one up tomorrow!

People are always looking for the magic or a miracle. THIS IS YOUR MIRACLE. This is your magic. If you want to maintain your bariatric weight loss, or lose more weight, or lose what you have gained it takes a workout plan, but why not work smart.




BJ Gaddour – Arms and Abs Assault – Men’s Health (to view directly on magazine website Click Here)

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7 thoughts on “WORKOUT VIDEO 2 – Ten Minute Torchers, Beginner

  1. M. Colleen Williams says:

    Hello, I’m trying the BOT program but have a question. I’ve regained 15 pounds and need to get back on track !

    Can I drink water while consuming my protein drinks ?? Or should I wait 30-40 minutes like you do with food ??

    Thank you so much & God Bless

  2. [email protected] says:

    Do you have a video for the elderly. I cannot get on my knees due to arthritis. The lunges are very difficult.

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Felicia! Get creative! Soup cans, water bottles, anything of approximate weight that you can safely clutch will work. If you have Five Below(a variety store) they have dumbbells, as do Target, Walmart, and other discount stores. Watch for a sale. I got mine at Target for around $4.

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