The Eureka Effect, also known as the Aha! Moment or Eureka Moment, refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept. Here are a few ‘AHA Moments’ that will give you goosebumps!

Has Your Aha Moment Arrived?



– Deborah Frunk-Addis, member BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook 

I think the light bulb finally came on. I was reading all of this discussion about bread and realized where I probably went wrong.

I had the Sleeve 5 years ago and never had any problems eating anything. I sometimes would get a 6 inch sub and make 3 meals out of it. I thought it was okay because I was still losing weight, but after reading posts here [in the BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook] for a few days, NOW I understand it was the honeymoon part of the surgery in control.

I had set myself up for failure. I reached my goal, got a tummy tuck and had an open wound complication that sidelined me for months. I have regained half of what I lost but having found this site I now have HOPE again. It is time I stop playing the game of how much can I get away with!  





– Jennifer Miller Cannon‎, member BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook

On Sept 11, 2012 I changed my life by having the RNY done. For the first year, the weight just melted off. I went from 306 pounds on the day of surgery, to 180 and then stopped.

Not that I would complain, because I hadn’t seen 180 pounds on a scale since I was a freshman in high school. But then I got complacent. I reintroduced slider foods, Dr. Peppers, and quit taking my vitamins. Before I knew it, my weight had crept back up to 230 without even trying.

A normal everyday snack for me included a 44 ounce Dr. Pepper and a small bag of chips. One day it hit me – if I continue on this path, I’m going to be right back up to 300 pounds. I thought about how to fix my problem, but never took action.

In November a friend added me to this group – [BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook]. I read what everyone posted and looked at the products. I thought to myself, I could never afford these powders, and I have yet to find a powder I could tolerate. Protein is grainy and has that nasty after taste.

Then I thought about it more – I was spending $5 a day on soda and junk food. I could easily afford these if I went back to my basics. I ordered my first bag of Inspire. I was skeptical to try it, but I did it with an open mind, and it was good! No bad after taste, it wasn’t grainy, I could actually drink it. I liked it!

I decided to try the Back on Track plan. What could it hurt right? I have been doing Back on Track since Jan 1st pretty religiously and this morning I hit 100 pounds of weight loss again. I’m so excited! Back on Track really does work, and I can’t wait to see goal weight!





– Sharon Mahany, Admin of BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook

A lot of people, especially those still in their honeymoon phase are not going to believe this. They are eating Everything in Moderation and they are still losing. They are testing the limits with sugars, breads, ‘a little rice or mashed potatoes’ and they are still losing. So they might be reading this and shaking their heads. Thirteen years ago, I would be among them. Shaking my head and saying that you don’t know what you are talking about. I’m eating these things and I’m still losing weight.

Folks, your honeymoon will come to an end. There is a time that eventually comes, when you put those carbs in your body, when you have a ‘little cake or candy’, where you’ll see that scale start moving up. Your pouch won’t always be the size of a chicken egg for gastric bypass, or a highlighter for sleeve. You won’t always be eating 3 ounces and you’re full. I don’t know if a pouch actually stretches or not. That’s been debated for years. But it definitely relaxes and you’ll be able to eat lots more than you do now.

Your surgery has granted you a 12 to 18 month window, commonly called the honeymoon phase, for you to change your eating patterns for life. If this isn’t done, eventually, you’ll be eating more and if you’re still eating carbs, your surgery and hard work will be wasted.

You don’t want to be where I am today, working off a huge regain 13 years after gastric bypass. It is much harder, much slower losing that regain than it is to lose it in your honeymoon phase. I wish I knew then, what I know now. I am proud to have worked it out and thanks to Back on Track, I have lost 96 pounds of that regain, but better to have only done it ONCE rather than TWICE.



– Lori Baber Conrad, member BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook 

I started Back on Track, 30 days ago. I hopped on the scale this morning and I am down 21.4 pounds. I am thrilled with these results so far. When I had bypass years ago, I lost 28 pounds the first month. The difference this time is there is no recovering, no struggling to eat, no crying, and no gagging on my protein or vitamins.

I am truly thankful for the control that BOT has given back to me and for all of the support I have received from my friends, family, and this support group. I still have a long way to go, but I’m confident I will get there.



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