I have lost over 100 pounds for the second time, including 70 pounds of Lap Band Regain, at 6 years post op. Rather than ask ‘HOW DID I DO IT?’ Follow me!

I am sharing the meals that finally got me to the goal weight I never hit the first time!

– Alison Garcia, Admin BE Support Group on Facebook



Broiled Goodness!!!  I sauteéd broccoli, onion, diced red pepper, and a can of albacore tuna. A little salt and pepper, turn into a cute little dish, a topping of Alfredo sauce, a little sharp cheddar cheese, a few minutes under the broiler, and dinner was served.


tuna casserole


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One thought on “Broiled Tuna Casserole, Not A Noodle In Sight

  1. Beth Edwards says:

    For the broiled tuna casserole, it would be nice to have the complete recipe with the amount of each ingredient.

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