Why can’t I use a straw? Does anyone use a straw?

Bariatric Straws 101

The straw debate is nuts but we get it. It creates almost as much passion and drama as the ‘which surgery is best’ debate, 😉

We have all used a straw in life so let’s talk our way thought this. A straw is a column that you draw liquid through before swallowing. That column is filled with air before you suck up and replace the air with liquid. IF you swallow that air, it can fill your pouch and intestines and be quite uncomfortable. BELCH… burrrrp… belch… burrrrrrrrrp… burp! That is the AIR you have swallowed.

Next time, suck through the straw and THINK while you are doing it. Swallow the liquid and not the air. If somehow you can’t manage this maneuver and the belching doesn’t stop… DON’T USE A STRAW. If you can drink through a straw without GULPING air with your liquid and belching, it’s fine to use one.

Doctors say ‘no straws’ because they can’t judge your sucking skills by looking at you and err on side of caution.




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7 thoughts on “FAQ: Why can’t I use a straw? Does anyone use a straw?

  1. Dianne says:

    Folks, soda is just plain bad for you! It is filled with sugar or artificial sweeteners. They both cause isaline reactions. Plus all the artificial junk in it. There are studies out there that indicate a correlation between soda and pantriatic cancer. It’s almost as bad for you as cigarettes ! Why on earth would anyone drink that junk?

  2. Antionette says:

    I have uses a straw off and on for the blast 16 years. (surg date, 9/15/2000), and never had a problem. I’ve learned to not suck down the air in the straw, much better.
    I DO NOT drink any kind of soda, bad Stuff.
    I drink a glass of water about 10-15 minutes before eating, makes me full and don’t want as much and I wait at least 30 minutes after a meal to drink
    16 years post, 140# lost forever!!

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