HOW is Inspire protein powder different or BETTER?

I am using another brand of protein that doesn’t taste very good but it also causes my stomach to rumble and I sometimes have to run to the bathroom. I am afraid to try yet another brand and waste more money.

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Most protein powders use Whey Concentrate which is the cheaper unpure form of whey protein. (or companies trick you by making up exciting names containing the word *isolate* for their BLENDS of cheap concentrates – but it is very hard to pick this out so don’t feel silly that you’ve been duped) This is why protein drinks have a rotting meat smell and aftertaste and can cause stomach issues – the whey concentrate has a lot of JUNK molecules attached to the protein molecules.

These giant clumps of molecules are not only funky, but are now too large to fit through the pores in our intestines!

Whey ISOLATE, means the protein molecules are clean and isolated. They are small and FIT THROUGH THE PORES IN THE INTESTINES. Isolate can also taste better for this reason – no rotting junk clinging to them. OUR isolate for INSPIRE is sourced from certain US farms that are especially particular in how they make their isolate and that also makes it TASTE FREE and ODOR FREE. When we flavor Inspire we are not trying to cover up that funky taste and smell. The natural flavorings shine. Tastes good – more protein molecules get into the body. Boom.

PS – As for bathroom problems… drink GOOD protein and you wont have these issues. Years ago, a quality brand of protein isolate had an ad campaign with a bodybuilder sitting on a TOILET with his shorts around his ankles to try and get people to understand that WHEY CONCENTRATES cause bathroom issues. Also, if you make your drinks with MILK, lactose can cause diarrhea, as after having your stomach removed you cannot digest lactose. boom.

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