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Now that you have joined our Facebook Group take a look at the Rules & Guidelines, We ask that you recognize:


1. This Support Group is different from most as it does not belong to it’s Members, it is a product of and belongs to the Group Founder and it’s Administrators. Those who wish to belong to our Support Group may request membership. The Group is not an open exchange of all bariatric ideas and opinions, our Administrators initiate, edit and steer the flow of conversation based on our programs.

2. We closely follow and give advice based on a set bariatric plan set forth in Before & After, the best selling bariatric book by founder Susan Maria Leach.

3. Our 48 Hour Pouch Reset, Back on Track plan and BE Easy food menus have collectively helped tens of thousands who have had bariatric surgery find greater weight loss success for over 15 years.

4. Our plans have been promoted by hundreds of top bariatric practices worldwide. Our base is in alignment with that dictated by ASMBS, the regulatory body for bariatric surgeons and professionals.

5. If you do not agree with our programs, tone, premise, opinions or actions, please find another group or perhaps start your own as we do not have time to veer off point to convince you. With such a large membership, it is more time effective for us to delete your argument, place you in the hallway and lock the door. We reserve the right to do so.

6. No one is required to use our brands in order to be a group member. We promote our Inspire, Journey and Believe brands that we have developed for the bariatric diet. These products have been proven to increase collective chances for success. We do not recommend brands that are not as high quality or do not taste as good. Our team truly loves Inspire, Journey and Believe – every minute of each day we see them make a difference in post op lives – we recommend them from the heart.

7. We have built this amazing strong platform using the product lines developed by our company and do not feel altruistic need to promote other brands and services on our backs. If you feel that strongly about other brands please talk about how much you love them in their Facebook support group.  As a member of the Apple Products Forum, it’s not cool to talk about how much you love your Dell laptop and you will be removed.

8. If you find yourself deleted or banned, you already know why. Administrative decisions are final. Find a different group and we suggest you read their rules before posting to see if they are a good fit.


Bariatric Surgery is serious but we can have fun and enjoy the Journey together… we are not perfect and we will never say that we are. We struggle every day and we admit it. We do ask that you BE OPEN MINDED. We would love to be the bearer of the great news that we can wash down chocolate croissants with ice cold Dr. Pepper and remain slim, but that’s not how this story goes. You are the author of your own ending. 


The Bariatric Eating Support Group Administrators
Susan Maria Nunziato Leach – BE Founder and author Before & After – Living and Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery (HarperCollins 2003, 2007, 2012)






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