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Good morning, BE friends! I’m enjoying a cup o’Bella this morning, thinking about the million things I need to do to prepare for Thanksgiving. I looked at my notifications and saw that our founder, Susan Maria took the time to respond to my question about one of the recipes last night. Boom. That is one example of what makes this the very best support group. Ever. She didn’t have to respond to my post, but she did. She is on the journey with us.Meet our new Admin - Anne Landry Holton


When I first stumbled on the website in January, I read the success stories. I was suspicious and thought it was just a sales tactic. I didn’t have any confidence in anything at that time, having regained 96 pounds, almost outgrowing size 26/28, and feeling hopeless.

I decided to give Inspire and Back on Track a try. I’m so very glad I did. My life has totally transformed. Not only have I lost my 96 pound regain and weigh less than I ever have in my adult life, but I’m working on my next goal.

My labs are normal, for the first time in years, thanks to Journey vitamins. I wear a size 14. I’ve gone from one end of the Lane Bryant size spectrum to the other! I exercise regularly now and I like it! I actually look forward to 6 mile weekend walks with my dog. I drive 40 minutes each way to the gym a couple of nights a week or do a fitness class through the community center. I did my first 5k this year and beat my 22 year old daughter! The biggest transformation, though, has been my confidence and mental health, and for that I’m eternally grateful.




I was (am) a Carboholic. The first few days of the Back on Track Plan (BOT) was my detox. It was rough physically and mentally. I wanted carbs. Badly. But in the middle of Day 5, a switch flicked and it got easier. I no longer obsessed about chocolate and donuts and chips. I started feeling better and feeling proud of myself whenever I got through a craving without caving… and that kept me going.

I still struggle. In fact, the past month as I was nearing and surpassing my goal was almost as hard as the first week. I’m learning how to slowly switch out some shakes for meals, but the snack craving has been triggered. And I’m working through it with the support of this group. And that’s the difference–I know I’m not alone on this journey.

I’m writing this to reassure anyone out there who is where I was in January – who is suspicious that the success stories aren’t real – who thinks the posts plugging Inspire, Believe, and Journey are just a marketing technique. Please believe me – is all REAL.

The products are amazing, the recipes delicious, and the support is outstanding.

The plan works. It may not be easy, but it is worth it. You are worth it. Think about where you are right now and how you’re feeling. If you’re struggling with regain, you’re probably feeling shame and you may be drowning your feelings in carbs. If you want to lose your regain, you can!

Surgery changed my anatomy, Bariatric Eating changed my mind!

My Before and My After – life after Back on Track is amazing! I am now a Bariatric Eating Admin for the Support Group on Facebook- I am there to help you. We are reaching out to you… take the help. 





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6 thoughts on “Meet our *New* Group Admin… Anne Landry Holton

  1. Gigi Anne says:

    You look terrific !!! I have protein Powder I have a few questions can you mix the protein shakes with fruit ? Are you allowed to drink coffee I use sweet and low and flavored creamer its like my drug in the morning. My sw 443 lw 216 weight now 257 . I want to get to goal of 190 that surgeon said I should be. I do exercise 3x a week with water aerobics What is the carb count for the day or calorie count for the one meal that you have ?

  2. Anne says:

    How long do we follow the back on track program? I need to get back on track and the nutritionist told me to eat whole wheat bread, 1/4 c. Carbs (pasta, rice potato etc) … she was saying that some carbs are important and not to take them away all together. Every office is so different from posts I have seen online.

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Anne, you can stay on Back on Track as long as you’d like! I personally followed it for about a month or so, but an associate of mine has been on it since Spring of 2015. Some stay on it until they’ve shed their regain,some until they reach goal weight, and others until they get a handle on good eating habits once again. As for the carb issue- empty carbs are not the ones we want. We want veggie and dairy carbs, from complex carbs that keep you satisfied for a longer period of time. That’s what is key, not the fact it is a carb, but the type of carb is what counts here. -Alison

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