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Journey Ferrochel 'Gentle' IronThere are 2 lab values for Iron important to those living with bariatric surgery – Serum Iron (blood) & Ferritin (stored) – keep track of lab results and watch for symptoms such as ice chewing, as longterm Iron deficiency can do serious damage. Start with Journey 3+3 Multi vitamins as your base for iron and if deficient, take additional Gentle Iron Grape Melts or tiny Capsules, no 2 hour rule or GI burning or upset.

“I’ve been in the hospital for two weeks – I had a stroke. My iron and vitamin D were almost non-existent and contributing factors in my having an irregular heartbeat and stroke which necessitated the implantation of a pace maker in my chest. Technically, I am lucky as I may come out of this with minimal damage. They started me on iron infusions last night. Please get your labs checked.  Take supplements. Avoid serious issues. I wish I had.” – Member, BE Support Group on Facebook