Bundle 14 – All Natural & No Splenda

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Save $15 on this awesome product bundle! 

Bundle contains one of each of the following:


Inspire PURE Unflavored Protein Powder - 20 servings

So clean and pure there is virtually no flavor or odor. Whey protein isolate to melt into 1T liquid and blend with foods & drinks you like.

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Inspire Mexican Chocolate Plant Powered Vegan Protein Powder for Bariatric Eating

Inspire 'PLANT POWERED' Protein - Mexican Chocolate - 20 servings

Ancient Grains, Pea & Rice Protein without artificial sweeteners and the addition of a super cool probiotic blend. BY FAR the best tasting vegetarian/vegan protein drink!

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Inspire Mexican Chocolate for Bariatric Eating

Inspire VIP Club Team Mexican Chocolate Travel Cup, 16 ounces

SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR Mexican Chocolate with your VIP Club Insulated Travel Mug!

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If you have Splenda issue or is you are trying to eat clean without anything artificial… then this is the bundle for you!


Inspire Mexican Chocolate is the best vegan, vegetarian, plant powered protein on the planet. Mexican Chocolate tastes like its been dipped from an olla from the market in Old Town Puerto Vallarta. Add a bag of Inspire Pure Unflavored Whey Protein Isolate and now you can sneak a little protein into any liquid or soft food that you already like.

The perfect pairing along with our super cool Inspire VIP CLUB Travel Cup.

ONE bundle contains TWO BAGS INSPIRE WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE – 1 Plant Powered Mexican Chocolate & 1 Pure Unflavored Whey Protein Isolate. 

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