Inspire VIP Club Mug with Spoon


Show off your love of Inspire with the 'Inspire VIP Club' Mug and Spoon Combination.


SKU: W110045

THE BEST PART OF YOUR MORNING… Inspired Coffee! Melt a scoop of Inspire into 2 tablespoons water and slowly fill with hot coffee. Mmmmmm.

Show off your love of Inspire with the ‘Inspire VIP Club’ Mug and Spoon Combination.

Our super cool black mug with BE Blue interior and matching porcelain spoon is perfect for your hot Inspire Mexican Chocolate or Inspire Cafe Bella morning wake up!

This roomy 16 ounce cup is perfect for Inspire Protein Soups too! A mug of Chili or Corn Chowder… Creamy Mushroom too.

Weight .5 lbs


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