Inspire VIP CLUB Shaker cup, Neon Purple, 3 compartments, 20 ounces


Three compartments mean you can store 3 scoops of your Inspire protein powder – or protein, vitamins, and nuts – whatever you like!


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Join the INSPIRE VIP CLUB, but only if you’re ready to drink smooth shakes and lose weight!

This is the World’s Best Shaker! Our cool INSPIRE VIP CLUB SmartShake is a shaker cup plus two compartments. It gives you the freedom to carry around everything you need for a whole day – all in one unit! Its three sections mean you can store 3 servings of supplements – protein, vitamins, capsules, nuts, mix and match, whatever you like! Even your keys.

SmartShake is leak-proof – you can use it every day – store it in the freezer – heat its contents in the microwave – wash it in the dishwasher. It’s designed for real life.

Super simple idea that is brilliant! Inspire does not need blenders, frothers or stainless steel cage balls, it blends by gentle rotation. Protein powders are convenient and more price friendly than ready-to-drink bottles of protein and this shaker makes it easy for you!

JOIN THE INSPIRE VIP CLUB! Twenty ounce shaker with two additional compartments.

Weight .5 lbs


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