Journey 3+3 Bariatric Multi Packets – Tangerine Tabs, 20 Packets


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Twenty BariatricMulti All-in-One packets containing 3 Tangerine Tabs. Grab a Pocket Packet on your way out the door!


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We made vitamins even easier with 3+3 Tangerine Packets. Tear open the packet for your AM or PM dose of 3 Tangerine Tabs. Toss a packet into your purse or computer bag. Throw a few into your bag for a weekend trip. 

Keeping vitamins at hand in multiple locations encourages use! Great taste encourages use! Having everything you need in one bottle encourages use! Compliance is the key to success. Keep a bottle of Tangerine Tabs on the desk and a pouch of Tangerine Packets in the drawer – when your vitamin alarm rings, choose the Journey that’s best for the moment.

When you are on the go, grab a Tangerine Pocket Packet!

Journey 3+3 All-in-One Tangerine Tabs are small, easy to remember, taste exceptionally good and make life better for a bariatric post op – 3 in the AM plus 3 in the PM. They contain B12, Calcium, D, and even your Iron, in forms that do not interact… it’s all in one bottle!

The benefits of bariatric surgery are tempered by the high frequency of nutritional deficiencies that eventually affect nearly all those who have it. Bariatric patients are able to follow a one product routine more easily than old school regimens of multiple bottles and schedules. Our all-in-one formula provides powerful bariatric nutrition in a high potency natural tangerine flavored tablet.

Journey 3+3 All in One Tangerine Tablets


3+3 Tangerine Tabs are designed to meet the latest guidelines*: contains D3 and specialized Albion® Taste Free ‘Gentle’ Iron. You also get at least 200 % DV for all B vitamins, all trace minerals, high efficiency Albion@ CCM Calcium Citrate Malate plus Probiotics to support gastrointestinal health and reduce gas.

Journey 3+3 All-in-One Tangerine Tabs:
Albion® chelated minerals to better address known absorption issues
Contain B12 so no separate under the tongue tablet or monthly injections
Albion® Taste Free ‘Gentle’ Iron that is easy on the stomach & non constipating
No ‘2 hour rule’ as Albion® Iron does not block uptake of or cling to the Calcium
Probiotics to help balance digestion and reduce bloat, noises and embarrassing gas
‘Super’ Calcium blended in pure forms that dissolve and absorb in a low acid environment


Directions: As a dietary supplement, adults take one packet, twice daily

*Mechanick Jl, et al. AACE/TOS/ASMBS Bariatric Surgery Clinical Practice Guidelines, Endocr Pract. 2013;19 (No. 2)

Journey supplements are screened for harmful toxins and do not contain aluminum, lead, mercury, or cadmium. Manufactured in the USA with stringent Good Manufacturing Practices.

*For pre-existing deficiencies, add the appropriate Journey components, such as Albion® ‘Super’ Calcium or Ferrochel® Gentle Iron as directed by your bariatric healthcare team.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I mostly take the capsules, but when I feel like a nibble I grab a single packet from my drawer. They are tart and good tasting and the packets portion them so I eat 3 without thinking. I really love this product.

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