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Due to high ticket volume we will no longer be able to personally answer questions covered in FAQ section at page bottom.

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Q: When Will I Receive a Tracking Number for my Order?
A: Orders are packed on the same or next workday. Tracking numbers come directly from UPS OR USPS and are automatically uploaded to your account plus sent via email within 48 hours from pick up by shipper. IF your tracking number says ‘NOT IN SYSTEM’ that means even though your order is on its way to you, shipper has not updated. USPS and SUREPOST offer economy service, if you prefer full tracking, we recommend UPS Ground.

In cases where order was placed FRI SAT or SUN, order tracking information will not be available until TUE in that these shipments are not picked up by UPS or USPS until MON afternoon. We are closed on weekends.


Q: Do you have samples of Inspire?
We have a Starter Kit available containing singles to try! Each Starter Kit contains 7 different Inspire Singles with a Shaker Cup, plus Journey 3+3 Single Dose Multiformula Chewables and a bottle of our most popular product… Journey Gentle Iron Grape Melts.

Here is a direct link to the Starter Kit on our website.


Q: Can I get a free sample of Inspire?
A: While we are unable to send free Inspire product samples, we encourage you to become a registered user of the web site at There you can register to receive email announcing coupons, new product promotions, tips, events and other bariatric news!

As a small entrepreneurial company, manufacturing and sending samples are too large of an expense and unfortunately we are unable to offer them. Please consider that you have wasted more than $33 on things that won’t help change your life. Inspire is life-changing for tens of thousands – it is jet fuel for weight loss and keeps you full. It is the number one bariatric choice of protein and has set the world on fire!


Q: Can you fix the mistake I made on the address on my order? Can you add another item to my order? Can you change the flavor I ordered? Can you cancel my order?
A: If you have made an error on your order or need a product change, we are unable to make corrections or changes for you as our system is fully automated. When you hit the ‘Send’ button, your order is electronically processed and sent to one of our warehouse fulfillment centers. Most of the time our fast processing works to your advantage – a customer typo is one of the times it is not.

HOWEVER, WE WILL DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE in working with our shippers to help resolve address issues when possible, but we cannot be held responsible for delays, fees, or delivery issues once you have hit the SEND button.

If such an error causes an order to be rejected, lost, delivered to an unknown address, or even destroyed, we cannot issue a refund or replacement. If the error causes the order to be sent back to us, you may be responsible for round trip shipping fees, which can greatly impact any refund for the cost of the merchandise.



Q: How much caffeine is in Inspire Cafe Bella and Caramel Latte? Do they contain real coffee?
A: Inspire Cafe Bella and Inspire Caramel Latte are unique in that they contain a real coffee; not coffee flavoring. When coffee is used as an ingredient, it is not quantified on the label. When you purchase ‘coffee ice cream’ it does not tell you the mg of caffeine on the label. We can tell you that it is is a minimal amount since it is just a flavoring.


Q: What happened to BELIEVE protein drinks? Why have you discontinued BELIEVE drinks?
A: We too are sad that we are unable to make Believe protein drinks. It has been the number one bariatric protein drink for many years! A few months ago there was a fire at the manufacturing facility. Thankfully no one was injured, but the facility was damaged beyond repair and closed. Believe may be reintroduced at some point if so, it will be in a new and improved formulation!


Q: What is the protein source in INSPIRE?
We use Whey Protein Isolate, the one your doctor and nutritionist told you to get because it is ‘the best’. Inspire tastes good because we use 100% USA sourced, Whey Protein Isolate that’s super pure – there isn’t any junk or impurities to give an off flavor or bad odor. Clean sweet pure whey isolate smells clean sweet and pure – creating the perfect base for our natural flavorings.


Q: Why is Inspire Mexican Chocolate *different* from the other Inspire flavors I have tried?
A: Inspire Mexican Chocolate is NOT part of the regular Inspire protein lineup as it contains a specialized PLANT POWERED PROTEIN made from Ancient Grains – Pea – and Brown Rice protein. This means it has been formulated for those who are vegetarian or vegan. It is our first ALL NATURAL PLANT BASED PROTEIN PRODUCT, no artificial anything… it is sweetened with stevia instead of Splenda… we have even added a SUPER CHARGED probiotic to the mix.

For years, people have asked for a non-soy alternative to whey protein and are in love this new product. It is not as smooth as the regular Inspire protein as ancient grains, pea and rice proteins are NOT as silky smooth as whey protein.


Q: Do you ship to Canada?
A: Currently we ship to the Continental US only but we are working to change that. We are scheduled to begin shipping to Canada in March of 2017.