The 48 Hour Pouch Reset

The Plan

Are you concerned that over time you have stretched your bariatric pouch? We understand how you feel and it’s scary. Use our 48 Hour Pouch plan to clear out the bad choice foods that you are eating again (that’s the Reset!) and then follow the guidelines for the Test.

FB-PouchResetOur reset has shown tens of thousands of people where they stand and it will work for you too! We get more ‘thank you’ email over this one than anything we’ve done in ten years of helping bariatric post ops. You will experience an overwhelming feeling of relief and joy when you feel your pouch resistance working. Try it… it works! 

Awesome Customer Reviews

“I am 10 years post RNY, can eat anything and have gained 35 pounds! Help? After my reset, I couldn’t even eat half of my chicken. I jumped onto Back on Track and have lost eight pounds in two weeks!”

“I’m 3 years out and had a 30 pound gain. I did the 48 Hour Pouch Reset and then have been doing 4 Inspire shakes and 2 high protein meals for a month on Back on Track. I’m down 15 pounds. This is an awesome group!”

Why This Will Work for You!

We would all like a magic pill where we could eat what we want and never have to think about weight again, but that’s not reality. The truth is that naturally slim people think about their food and choices all the time. The intent of our 48 Hour Pouch Test is for you to see that your pouch STILL provides resistance when you choose the right foods.

The chicken is not magic… THE MAGIC IS INSIDE YOU! It’s been there all along. The Pouch Test renews confidence that you still have a valuable tool that will allow you to control hunger, volume, and your weight with Five Small Meals a day of lean protein and vegetables.

We are here to help you succeed.


FAQ’s for the 48 Hour Pouch Reset

  1. Can I have vegetables or sauce with my chicken? 

NO, please read EVERYTHING again as you are missing the point. This isn’t supposed to be a ‘fun meal’, or a ‘family supper’. You are supposed to sit alone and THINK while you eat moist solid protein to FEEL the restriction in an attempt to IDENTIFY the pouch resistance that you have been ignoring. It’s meant to be a few minutes of inflection and serious self-awareness.


 2. What if I CAN’T eat chicken?

IF you already know that you cannot eat chicken, you can skip this part and go directly to the Back on Track plan, AS YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED THAT YOU HAVE POUCH RESISTANCE. Congratulations, your pouch works well!


   3. I am a vegetarian, what can I eat instead of chicken? 

You need to choose a firm or solid protein source such as Boca Burgers, grilled Tempeh, firm Tofu, or make an Omelet instead. Everything else is the same.


4. I finally got all the chicken down. Now what? 

Again, you have missed the point of the test and reset. The idea is NOT to sit there and power through and consume all the chicken no matter how long it takes, you are supposed to sit and think while you eat and STOP when you begin to feel as if you don’t really want any more. Start over and try it again.

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  1. Melissa Buchman says:

    I need to lose weight of about 200 lbs. I had gastric bypass in 2093 but due to physical injuries gained it back and then some. I want to get back on track, can you recommend anything

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