Big new trend is on the horizon – all natural, organic, unprocessed, unrefined – a whole new dictionary of words for people to have to sort through. Not a lot of fun considering how many bariatric post ops struggle to master the old words. I am not complaining, I want to eat healthy and CLEAN. (another new word that is confusing to some, as would anyone want to eat food that is NOT clean? Clean means unprocessed, ie fresh green beans are clean, Big Macs not so much)

I was excited to check out the NEW Crystal Light Pure Fitness drink mix that is touted as being naturally sweetened. I anticipated a stevia blend.

Tonight at the grocery store I bought a box of individual packets in Grape flavor. A few minutes ago, I turned over the box to read the ingredient list and the first item listed is Evaporated Cane Juice. Hmmm… that is simply another name for sugar! Evaporated cane juice and plain old sugar are unequivocally the same – B-D-fructofuranosyl a-D-glucopyranoside – aka, sucrose, table sugar.

Same crop, same molecule. This is terrible deception! The new Crystal Light Pure Fitness is naturally sweetened with UNREFINED SUGAR! How many people are gonna be fooled by that one? LOTS OF US!

Crystal Light Pure Fitness

Doesn’t the brand name Crystal Light stand for sugar free? Yep, and while I am not opposed to consuming small amounts of natural sugar or having a bite of Ty’s dessert in a fancy schmancy restaurant, I dont necessarily think that it is such a good idea to add it to my water every day. Each individual packet contains TWO SERVINGS and is made to pour into a 16 ounce bottle of water. Therefore your bottle of water now contains 6 grams of sugar.

Sure, a half cup of strawberries contain a few grams of natural fruit sugar – but they contain Lycopene and Vitamin C. Yeah, yeah… a Calcet Lemon Creamy Bite contains 3 grams of sugar but that is part of a calculated tradeoff for taking in 500mg of essential CALCIUM CITRATE and VITAMIN D. Isopure Perfect Natural Vanilla protein powder is not sweetened with Splenda, but a scoop contains 25 grams of protein to fuel our body.

Do we really want to DRINK 6 grams of sugar in our water… probably not. If someone makes the decision to use sugar that is a choice, but fooling folks into thinking something is HEALTHY when it is NOT is shameful. What exactly is it about SUGAR that connotes FITNESS? Shame on you Kraft foods for misusing the Crystal Light name.