Cedars hommus

I have told you about Cedar’s Salads, but the truth is that I have been eating Cedar’s Hommus for a lot longer but just figured you already knew about it! It was no surprise that Cedar’s All Natural Classic Original Hommus ranked in the top for the Cooks’ Illustrated Hummus Taste Test.

Cedar’s has their recipe down to perfection. Hommus, also known as Hummus, or Humus is a silky smooth puree made from chick peas with the added flavors of olive oil and sesame. They also have artichoke, lemon, and garlic flavored varieties that are outstanding. It is so good tasting, and so easy for even an early post op lunch or supper choice. Paired with Revival Baked Protein Chips or Lacy Crisps – it doesn’t get much more delicious or healthy for an afternoon bite to eat at my desk while the phone rings off the hook.

Use it in place of MAYONNAISE in chicken salad or deviled eggs – smear Cedar’s Hommus on your turkey roll up, or use a small glop on a plate to dip cucumber or carrot sticks!

I like this brand in particular because it doesn’t have any chemical preservatives – just fresh whole food ingredients, as if I had made it myself. Once you taste Cedar’s brand you will not be able to eat other brands without noticing a big difference.

Give it a go and you will see that Cedar’s Hommus will be your new best food friend too!

Cedars hommus