Do you know about Greek Yogurt?

Whether your favorite grocery store carries Fage, Chobani, or Oikos – do not miss out on this high protein sensation! Yogurt in itself is a super food, but who knew that the Greeks had a thicker and creamier version with more than twice the protein of even Dannon or Stonyfield.

When you buy a bargain yogurt you are getting a little more than processed water and chemicals thickened with food starches – this is one of those times where you truly get what you pay for. Sure you can make Greek yogurt by draining the water from regular yogurt but by the time you buy two large containers of Dannon, its more expensive to make your own.

Both regular and Greek style yogurt contains more of the active cultures that keeps our digestive system healthy – but the real reason we eat it is for the taste!

The world’s best post op breakfast or lunch? Why that would be half a cup of Greek yogurt blended with a spoonful of Inspire Pom Razz Sangria protein powder, a few sliced strawberries, some slivered almonds, and a drizzle of Nature’s Hollow sugar free Raspberry Syrup. Never has so much joy been packed into a small bowl. Trust us on this one and give it a try.

Greek yogurt