I live in south Florida, about 20 minutes north of Miami where this morning it is 70 degrees but the rest of you are in an ARCTIC VORTEX! So lets talk about something warm and wonderful – Cappuccino.


Inspire caramel latte

Many of you hear us talking about blending our protein powder into warm drinks but have been a little scared to try it. Well, with these temperatures it’s time!

Protein can be gently heated, but there is a trick to keeping it smooth – never boil it and if you are going to microwave it, do it in 15 second increments. If you end up with a mug of grainy lumps, your liquid was too hot, or got too hot in the microwave. We have made thousands of mugs of warm protein cappuccino and cocoa and here is foolproof way to do it!

Get out your favorite mug and place a heaping scoop of Inspire Caramel Latte in the bottom. Add 2 tablespoons of tap water or room temperature bottled water to the powder in your mug. Give it a brief stir but mostly just let it sit while you heat your water or almond milk separately, or get the pot of coffee, and it will melt by itself into a smooth syrup in your cup.

Fill the mug to your taste with hot liquid while you give it a stir. If you are using hot water, use less since you are diluting the flavor, but when you are adding hot almond milk or hot coffee to your mug, fill it as you would like, as you are adding flavored liquid. The protein will completely dissolve and even give you a rich layer of foam.

Voila – a super delicious mug of Warm Cappuccino Protein that we guarantee is the best you have ever had! Take that Starbucks.

Other amazing warm mug combinations – Inspire Cinnamon Cappuccino with hot coffee for a smooth spiced latte, Inspire Dutch Chocolate Cake with almond milk for the best cocoa that just happens to be protein, Inspire Dutch Chocolate cake with hot coffee for a mocha java latte that will blow your mind.

What a way to start your morning!