I LOVE GUACAMOLE and I do believe that I qualify as somewhat of an expert after living in Mexico and traveling on a margarita quest across the country over the years. However, once you remove The Chip as a food group from your life, it makes getting the guacamole from the dish to your mouth into a challenge. I now use it as a sauce to moisten chicken, shrimp, or beef! Dap some Guac on thinly sliced steak and it chews into a moist bite.

Guacamole is a always best when freshly made, from one or two dark skinned, ripe, Hass avocados, using minimal ingredients – lime, garlic, and a dash of hot stuff. HA – a good plan that fizzles when all the avocados are ROCK HARD and BRIGHT GREEN.

I saw Wholly Guacamole on The Food Network! This Texas based company minimally processes the delectable avocado dip and packs it in vacuum sealed bags to be sold in supermarket COLD sections. It isn’t heat processed, and this preserves the delicate flavor of the avocado.

A few days after the show aired, I spied it at our local grocery store while I was waiting for my Boars Head deli cheese to be sliced. It was located in the refrigerated section with specialty cheeses, hummus, and salads.

This packaged brand has taken innovative methods of packaging and turned it into an all natural convenience food bonus for us. It contains zero chemicals or preservatives, and there is even an organic variety.

Roast a whole chicken breast, and after a brief rest, thinly slice it across the grain of the meat. Fan out the slices and serve with a glop of Guac! This is a really high quality, very delicious, and convenient ALL NATURAL product.

Make fajitas on your PLATE instead of a tortilla… es muy rico y delicioso!