In the 2nd edition of Before & After, my editor was blown away by the Before & After photos I showed her and even though we didn’t really have space, gave me a few pages to showcase the different paths of a handful of my most successful weight loss surgery friends. Julie Hedges has always generated the greatest amount of email due to her obviously dramatic change! In addition to being one of my favorite people, this set of photos always makes me smile as it is one of the most amazing time progressions I have ever seen. Before you ask or assume, let me put it to rest that Julie did not have any plastic surgery after her weight loss.

Julie E. Hedges started researching Weight Loss Surgery in December of 2001, had insurance approval by February 2002, and had Laparoscopic Roux-en-y surgery with Dr. J.K. Champion of Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday, May 9, 2002 – her life since then has taken off in a positive direction and she has not looked back. Julie is an successful photographer and owner of her own photo studio – JE Hedges Photography of Columbus Georgia – and mom to her daughter London.


Weight Loss Surgery has allowed me to become the active, successful, and confident individual that was hidden below layers of obesity. I have a successful business, a successful marriage, and now a beautiful, healthy, baby because I no longer allow myself to be burdened by the excuses that obesity allows.

Weight loss surgery was the best decision I ever made in my life. It provided me with a new freedom… releasing me from the stereotypes that others place on obese persons. I’m intelligent… I’m independent… and I’m happy. What a blessing gastric bypass has been to me.

– Julie E. Hedges, excerpt from Before & After – Living and Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery (HarperCollinsPublishers)

Julie Before bariatric surgery…


Julie After bariatric surgery…




Julie with baby London…


Blessings come from weight loss surgery for many!

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