fresh cherries strawberry cherriesFresh Cherries are EVERYWHERE right now. I have bought THREE BAGS in TWO DAYS – as they are so inexpensive and so delicious. I do not know WHAT I was thinking as my husband doesn’t eat cherries and I only eat a few at a time. I suffer from Proportion Distortion!

I bought a container of Strawberry Cherries that were the most beautiful color ever.

Then I bought a bag of BING Cherries at Publix because they were so Big and Fresh.

Yesterday I bought ANOTHER bag at WHOLE FOODS as the ORGANIC Cherries were on sale for just $2.89 a pound and cherries have a large amount of pesticide absorption and are on the ‘buy organic’ list when affordable. Last week they were $8.99 a pound – I minimized the pesticide threat at that price. This week, I am all about organic. PRICE is major determining factor for Organic produce purchasing!

I know that if I am buying 5 pounds of Cherries in two days, so are many of you. I wanted to talk about it, as they are HEALTHY when eaten in BALANCE with or after protein foods. Fresh Cherries contain enough natural sugar to make me very sick IF I were to eat them on an empty stomach. I would also have the tendency to eat more of them on an empty stomach. However, when eaten AFTER or WITH my protein meal, even if it is a simple Cheese & Cherries plate for a light lunch or supper – not only do I eat just a few but the sugar is balanced out by the protein. The protein slows or tempers the absorption of the sugar.

Eating ‘Twenty Cherries’ is MINDLESS EATING. I am ten years post op and will (and CAN) do that IF I eat from the bag. Which is why I no longer eat from any bag – instead counting out what I CHOOSE to eat into a SMALL DISH and putting the bag or box away. Its a great trick to be HAPPY with what you have while you are creating awareness for amount.

Anyone who knows me and has been to my home – knows that I have at least THIRTY Pier One Imports little white dishes called RAMEKINS for this purpose. (my cats use a set, and the humans in my house use a set… lol.)

Stay tuned for a Fresh Cherry Salsa for Pork or Turkey tenderloin – yummmmmmmm… Susan Maria is Cooking today.