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It’s 8pm, I have been working all day here in my hotel room and I’m exhausted. I don’t feel like getting dressed and having dinner downstairs – too formal and I am too busy. I actually love curling up in my room at a nice hotel in my soft robe to enjoy the peace and quiet of my own thoughts and using the time to write – and when you’re hungry there is nothing better than room service at a Ritz Carlton. It’s like being a Princess.

I thought that I would peruse the kid’s section to see if there is anything of consequence as last night I had a meal that was too heavy with meat even though I couldn’t eat much of it. It appears that children unilaterally like to eat food that is not all that healthy – or at least eat food that would put me in a carb coma.

Kid’s Chicken Noodle Soup
Johnny Apples, Cheese, and Crackers
Triple Decker Grilled Cheese
Macaroni and Cheese
Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza
The PB&J
Kid’s Burger or Cheeseburger
The Kid’s Pasta – Elbow Macaroni and Tomato Sauce
Kid’s Chicken Nuggets
Grilled Petite Chicken Breast
All served with Choice of Side Item, Dessert, and Beverage.
Side Items: French Fries, Fruit, Veggies and Dip, or Broccoli
Desserts – Cheesecake with Strawberries, Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Mousse with a Cherry on Top, Raspberry Jell-O with Whipped Cream

While I could have ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast with Broccoli from the children’s menu, even though I may have a problem sliding that by them in that I am NOT twelve – I think I will pass and move to the RC grown up menu. Mmmm… French Onion Soup sounds perfect for a late supper.

Room Service at the Ritz Carlton Orlando

I laughed as it hit me that in my pre-surgery mindset, I would not have had any difficulty with a room service menu at all – I would have ordered a bowl of Lobster Bisque and a Grilled Rueben with extra thousand island dressing and Fries – plus Cheesecake for dessert! The thought of it made me laugh as I had just ordered soup and water with lemon. How my taste and the way I choose my food has changed. It is important to create an entire new lifestyle as it just doesn’t work to simply eat less of the bad choices that caused your obesity as your long-term plan.

There was a knock on the door and my soup arrived – ahhh, but somehow there is bonus food as my choices didnt represent enough food for the kitchen manager. I also received a bowl of fresh fruit and a piece of focaccia bread that was too chewy… yep I took a bite and it looked better on the plate than it felt to the tooth. My soup tasted even better than it looked – much better than Lobster Bisque, Rueben, and Cheesecake ever tasted for sure.

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