Playa del Carmen

We spent our last night at the resort’s traditional Mexican Fiesta where we were met at the door with Tequila and Margaritas by the Mexican dancers in traditional dress. We enjoyed a superb Mexican buffet while we watched audience members hit Pinatas and drink tequila shots. We laughed and toasted our last night while enjoying the spectacle of Mexican dancing, rope twirling Charros, and Mariachi Bands. It was a great time and we all enjoyed it.

We topped off the evening dancing at Havana Moon on the beach. The Mexican band covered endless 70’s and 80’s songs in perfect English. During a break, Ty and I walked up to the band members so we could tell them how much we enjoyed their playing, and were stunned that they did not speak ANY English. They knew every word to the top American songs but had no idea what they were singing!

Playa del Carmen

I guess that makes sense as I while I can sing Oye Coma Va, and The Macarena in Spanish, I dont know what the heck I am saying either. Touche!

All good things must eventually come to an end. This trip has been spectacular. The changes to this area since I lived here in 1984 have weighed heavily on my heart. All change is not good – and I have to wonder if it a good thing that these wonderful people get to buy sneakers at Walmart and jumbo blueberry muffins at Costco? The biggest McDonalds I’ve ever seen is on the road from the Cancun airport that heads south through the part of town were the locals live. Am I selfish in thinking it’s better for them to eat tacos al carbon and frijoles. Or is that progress that is deserved for the people who live in the Yucatan Peninsula?

I didn’t want to venture out too much on purpose as I wanted to love the area as much as I did twenty five years ago – and I did. I love the Yucantan and the Maya. I fell in love with the boy who helped me spell out my name in the Mayan alphabet for the silver charm for my necklace. He told me that he has lived his entire life in Puerto Morales and in his home his family does not speak Spanish, they speak Maya. He said that he wasnt married, but when he did have a wife and children he was going to speak Maya in his home to pass along his language and culture. Luis Mex winked at me and told me that if I would like to know words in Maya that he would teach me. The ‘x’ in his last name was pronounced ‘sh’ as it was a Mayan name. Xcaret, Xel Ha, Xbentun, Ya’ ax.

I asked him to spell out the Maya version of my name plus my husbands for my silver necklace – SUSANTY. Each time I wear it, I will smile and think of Luis, the Yucatan, and the wonderful time that Ty and I had with our friends.

Playa del Carmen


Until next time… Vaya Con Dios

Adios Playa del Carmen