lemonadeI had no idea that so many people read this… lol… THANK YOU!

I believe that I need to clarify my post regarding the NEW Crystal Light FITNESS NATURAL product.

– I am NOT opposed to consuming 6 grams of sugar as I know that fruit and even dairy product have natural sugar. While I NEVER use real sugar in ANYTHING that I prepare, I am not that manic about naturally occurring sugar although I am acutely aware of it. I believe I mentioned that I love Perfect Natural Isopure Vanilla and that also has 3g of evaporated cane juice BUT the dif is that I am making a choice while consuming 25g of protein isolate.

– I know that in all likelihood Splenda is probably not so great for me in LARGE volumes – as it IS an artificial sweetener. However, I do acknowledge that it is not as bad as Saccharin or Aspartame or Ace K.

– I do know for CERTAIN that there is one thing that was definitely much worse for my health than Splenda, and that was being 300 friggin pounds.

– Would I prefer to NOT consume artificial sweeteners, why of course, but then we are back at square one, and BEFORE I became a post op as I had a PROBLEM with Entenmann’s Ultimate Crumb Cake, Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, Haagen Dazs Vanilla, and Klondike Bars (all flavors). These products do not contain Splenda, but do contain ALL NATURAL but infinitely more evil SUGAR.

-So let’s not forget that refined and unrefined sugar is ultimately a bad thing. No matter how lovely and organic maple trees, bees, and berry patches are… pancakes dripping in Maple Syrup, biscuits and Honey, and spooning homemade Raspberry Preserves into my yogurt would not be so kind to me either.

However my MAIN POINT was not even really about sugar, it was about the SNEAKY misleading mislabeling of a brand that is synonymous with sugar free. Crystal Light MEANS sugar free and THEY KNOW IT. The intent of this company is to catch the wave of the ALL NATURAL CRAZE and try and bs folks into thinking FITNESS when they are shopping for a sugar free beverage. Who else is looking at the shelf of Crystal Light in the supermarket?

I am opposed to a huge company like KRAFT tricking people into thinking that adding sugar to their water is healthy and promotes FITNESS as stamped on their packet.

Food for thought…