Many people go right back to carb loading for breakfast once they are no longer a ‘new’ post op, and choose to eat ‘real’ food. Bagels, cereal, oatmeal, toast, granola bars, and other to-go foods can lead to weight gain and low energy, not only because of their excesses (low quality carbs and calories) but because of what they are missing.

PROTEIN keeps your blood sugar levels steady, reducing HUNGER all day, and can even kick up your metabolism a notch.

Breakfasts with protein power:
– Plain yogurt swirled with protein powder, Inspire blends beautifully into your yogurt
– Protein smoothie made with Perfect Natural Isopure, a few frozen berries, and almond milk
– One poached egg with a little salsa

Just try it for TWO WEEKS and I promise that you will feel more energetic, and you WILL lose more weight. What do you have to lose?