I love weekends! I can wake up at ten and then sit in bed and work on my laptop until noon or even three if I feel like it! Its a nice change from sitting at my desk and concentrating on the screen.

I got up early this morning and decided to cook some Jimmy Dean sliced sausage patties. They come in an 8 pack that is sectioned off 4 and 4. I normally eat two. My husband had already had a big fruit smoothie earlier and didn’t want sausage.

sausage pattiesI put all four on a small plate and while cleaning up the kitchen began to slowly eat the approximately 4 ounces of sausage patties. In theory, I could eat all four tiny cooked patties.

Two were delicious but about that third one. I got that familiar feeling in my stomach when it touched my tongue, but I continued to chew. Satisfied is when you are enjoying food. Full is the point where you dont want to swallow the food that is in your mouth.

I am Miss Manners, BUT I sometimes discreetly spit out my chewed food into my napkin in even the nicest restaurants.

This is the difference between satisfaction and fullness. Satisfaction is when you hit the spot that the food is delicious, but when you turn the corner to where you dont care if you have anymore, and still dont have a negative response to what you have eaten.

Once you take that one extra bite, and it goes from mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm to ugggggggggggg… you have gone too far. Play with your food today and see if you can recognize that sweet spot.