Today is the first day I have been excited about the upcoming ASMBS Conference as I am finally in the Zone where I know how I am going to present BE, Inc in the best light and am focused on our presentation to the bariatric surgeons and professionals – it is all coming together in my head.

This will be my seventh year in attendence and each year for me it gets more and more exciting. I have learned to remember that LESS IS MORE. It’s enough to simply show our old and new surgical friends what is new, as they already know that BE products blow out anything else in the conference hall! Remember that I have a horse in this race… ME! I am fortunate to be in a position to work with the top food scientists in this country to create my own flavors and brands. Yeah, other companies eventually copy our ideas, but the truth IS that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. No one comes up with more original or better ideas than Ty and I. So keep on guessing what comes next for BE, Inc. – you won’t believe what we have up our sleeve – and these next two are big!

I am very excited that the conference is in Las Vegas this year once again – one of my favorite cities in the world. Ty first brought me to Las Vegas as a silly little 22 year old and I remember every moment! My only problem is that Ty LOVES to play blackjack. Well, sometimes its a problem – it’s NOT a problem when we win, which is more often than not. He is lucky and I am good! So once again we get to combine an ASMBS conference and important business meetings with a few days of pleasure.

Ty just booked our stay at the Wynn a few hours ago. It is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world and I feel as if I am a Contessa or Celebrity when we stay there. I could walk around this hotel for hours, noticing every tiny magnificent detail in the secret hidden places where no one goes.I could show you places so beautiful and peaceful that you would never know you are a few feet from a casino! Teresa is one of the only people with whom I have shared my hideaways. I might just bump into her in our secret lobby with the coi pond and private elevator with opal inlaid door or the lapis bathroom with the gold sink.

We didn’t want to stay at the new Aria hotel where the conference is being held as while I am sure it is beautiful, players prefer to stay where they are winners. It also means that we were lucky enough our last trip for this stay to be paid for by the casino.

The best surprise is that they invited us to be guests of the hotel to see Garth Brooks while we are in town. I am not sure that I am even a fan of Mr. Brooks but every new day is an adventure, so why not meet him and see the show. I am happy to add another name to our list of Friends in Low Places but I gotta tell you that it’s getting crowded down there!

Three weeks until Las Vegas welcomes the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery – and while I have it all planned, I still have a lot of work to do! This is also the fifth year that BE Inc. has has a seat on the Corporate Council and the meetings, breakfasts, and parties give us special access and thus the ability for us to speak to top surgeons to learn the newest and the latest in bariatric medicine. I am truly blessed with an amazing opportunity.

Take a peek at the Wynn… these are photos from our last trip there several years ago! You can mouse over to see what you are looking at.

checking in to the Wynn Las Vegas

Blush night club at the Wynn - with the three hour time difference we can never stay up late enough to go when its open!

absolute opulence - mosaic tiles and beautiful flowers

Parasol Down, one of the most beautiful bars in the world - silk parasols hang from the ceiling!

The breakfast room at the Wynn

Private cabanas at the pool... Wynn Las Vegas

Shopping at the Wynn... can you say Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blanik? At least TRY THEM ON!

Bartolotta - fresh seafood flown in from the waters of Italy and the Mediterranean.