This is a dish where you assemble components. There is no set way to make this. I often make this dish on a Monday after we have had a simmered Mexican flavored pork roast on a Sunday and use the leftover meat on the plate as well. I buy Zapata fire roasted green and red salsa in jars and keep one of each in the cabinet for this dish – a very delicious fire roasted smoky salsa. Plus I have been known to whip up my own fresh salsa using my mad knife skills. Remember that the quality of your dish is determined by the products you use. If you use Old El Paso salsa, your dish will sort of suck!


Olive oil
One can of black beans
Favorite Jar of Salsa – I use a good fire roasted brand or throw together tomatoes, cilantro, lime, chile, and onion for a quick fresh salsa
Sea salt and black pepper
Hot Sauce
Greek yogurt

Sauté a clove of sliced garlic in a little olive oil in a non stick pan. Add drained black beans and half a jar of salsa and season to taste with salt and pepper. Simmer on low heat while you prepare other ingredients. Add a little tabasco if you desire some heat.

Prepare your eggs the way your family likes them – I like scrambled well done and I like them cooked in olive oil for flavor.

Place cooked eggs on your plate, add a scoop of black beans, and spoon on the salsa, guacamole and some Greek yogurt. Delicious!


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