sliced chicken with cedars Mediterranean salad


There is a small company with BIG flavors that is making a splash in my post op world. Cedar’s Mediterranean Salads are wholesome, all natural, and add so much to a simple grilled protein dish. Each variety features a tasty bean accented by interesting vegetable combinations in a light citrus vinegar dressing with a light touch of cumin that adds a wonderful Mediterranean almost Middle Eastern flavor.

The key to post op eating is to make sure the grilled chicken is tender and MOIST. To begin eating a chunk of chicken breast by cutting it into pieces on your plate is to start off with a difficulty factor of 8. (with 1 being soup and 10 being a hand towel)

Roast a whole, lightly seasoned, chicken breast at a high temperature but instead of placing it on your plate like a rock, thinly slice it, fan it out on your plate, and top it with something to make it a moist mouthful – mmmmm, how about Cedar’s Edamame or Black Bean or Chick Pea Salad!

I pick these up 3 or 4 at a time as they make a fantastic lunch. They are fresh and tasty and make the perfect paring with mozzarella balls, deli turkey, or leftover baked or grilled salmon from the night before. The carb are from beans and vegetables and may raise the eyebrows of some, but let me assure you that none of us became morbidly obese from chick peas and edamame. (some early post ops may wish to not select the Edamame salad as it contains corn which is difficult to digest) Plus the deliciously moist salads are used as an accent to allow us to eat more of our protein or makes it easier to eat.

See how this works – you dont have to measure or weigh food, or even count calories IF you follow the rule of eating PROTEIN FIRST followed by healthy vegetables that are lower in carbs and HIGHER in nutrients.

If your store carries Cedar’s – try them, I promise you will love them.

Makes 4 servings with a 5 ounce serving of sliced roasted chicken.