Things are changing! Maybe we can all love ourselves a little more if the women in the magazines are a bit more like us. I am happy that we are beginning to see these gorgeous size 14 women in fashion magazines. The stunning photograph below is of Ford + model Marquita Pring. If we can begin to see our own reflection in fashion we can embrace our curves rather than feel sad about who we are at this time.

I know people who have used weight loss surgery to have lost over two hundred pounds only to be disgusted and disappointed by what they see in the mirror. Being happy with our life and our body allows us to put our energy into confidence and projection. I see so many women sadly wasting their lives being unhappy with who they are – yet they are the ones making the comparisons and judgements and not really the world. The world often treats us merely as a reflection of how we treat ourselves but some of us need help. Real women in all shapes and sizes are what creates true beauty in the world

plus size model