Okay so it is that time of year again. I don’t always know who is playing, but I love playing hostess to those who do.

Ty has a Jumbo Tron TV in our condos fairly small living room and doesn’t like going to other peoples homes for the game because they won’t let him hold the remote control.

That leaves me to provide great food for those who come to our house! Having an entire wall of solid television is a bit extreme, but my husband says no one ever wishes they got a smaller TV! Go Ty! Sort of the opposite of my brother who is only allowed to have a TV that fits in his small cabinet.



When I had a gastric bypass in 2001, I stopped cooking the terribly unhealthy foods that everyone loved because friends and family had no idea they were being blasted by my killer food. The post op challenge is to make great tasting food that is isn’t over the top bad. Truth is that my Buffalo Chicken Bites have great flavor and no one even thinks about them NOT being deep fried, they just EAT the dish, compliment me and lick their fingers.

Here is my Superbowl Menu for the big game!

Greek Yogurt Ranch or Onion Dip

Super Simple Superbowl Menu – mouse over and click on the recipe. – Susan

Mexican 5 Layer Cups & Shrimp Guacamole Cocktails – make these in clear plastic cups as individual servings!

Italian Chicken Poppers – great finger food, super moist, lots of flavor!

California Roll Bites – a perfectly portioned bite of shrimp, avocado & crunchy cucumbers yum!

Buffalo Chicken Bites with Blue Cheese Celery Slaw – this can be served on a plate for bariatric folks or you can shred the chicken in the sauce to make a Buffalo Slider with the Blue Cheese slaw on a little potato roll FOR YOUR GUESTS!

Blue Cheese Dip – this is the dressing for the slaw, but it is amazing as a dip!

Yogurt Ranch Dip – crazy good and you can dip it to your hearts delight using cucumber slices!

Roasted Teriyaki Wings – the snappy marinade is also great on ribs or chicken thighs!

Salami Chips – super crispy and really good tasting (psst… use them as Blue Cheese Dippers)

No Sugar Fudgie Brownies – everyone loves a little dessert but dont tell anyone the secret.

Gentlemen Start Your Engines!