Merry Christmas Bariatric Menu

Since it is Christmas I get a little fancy pants with the menu but I do keep it within the bounds for low carb and high protein. Each recipe has just a few ingredients as that is how I cook these days.

This is the one day each year that I do make potatoes, but they must be spectacular and these certainly are. Last year Ty asked me while eating dinner WHY DONT WE EAT THESE POTATOES MORE OFTEN? (Bless His Heart… he does not realize he is married to an Atkins for life sort of gal) Ordinary carbs are not worth eating, but extraordinary ones… I’ll make a deal with myself that I can eat one marble sized potato AFTER my protein is half finished but when that time comes, I don’t bother cash in on the deal. I am too full! Its called fooling your own ‘fat brain’ and it works beautifully so TRY IT.

This is what I am planning – CLICK on the name of the dish and it will take you to the recipe where you can even print it! Merry Christmas! Buon Natale XO Susan Maria

Warm Artichoke Spread
Shrimp Cocktails
Prime Rib of Beef
Roasted Organic ‘Peanut’ Potatoes
Green Beans with olive oil and almonds
Sugar Free Cherry Cheesecake

Warm Artichoke Spread with crisp thin crostini – this is a greatly lightened up version of the high fat classic. Mine has lots of artichokes and all that cream cheese has been replaced by thick creamy Greek yogurt. No one thinks twice as the flavor is off the chart. Arrive to your holiday buffet with this dish of warm goodness you will be very popular.

warm artichoke spread

Prime Rib of Beef with Horseradish Sauce is my holiday go to dish. I make this once a year and it is spectacular. It is also very simple to make. However, you must have a meat thermometer. The most important step is to allow it to rest, otherwise you will have grey and dry beef, instead of juicy and deep rose and tender. Read through the recipe so you understand what you will be doing and Prime Rib will be your holiday show stopper that is so easy you can enjoy your Christmas Day. It is also very tender for bariatric people to eat. Once again, the Horseradish Sauce is made with Greek yogurt rather than heavy cream and sour cream.

Bariatric Friendly Prime Rib of Beef


Green Beans Tossed with Olive oil and Almonds – I love the tiny haricot vert ‘skinny beans’ that benefit from a quick toss in olive oil and garlic with almond.

green beans


No Sugar Cherry Cheesecake, makes it Christmas! I love cheesecake and I am not humble in that I know I make a great one. It is also very simple with few ingredients so give it a try!

cherry cheesecake sugar free