Back in the old days of pre-2004, before Facebook,Tweeting and Selfies, people used to have to go through trouble to post things on the internet. Message boards ruled and our BE Bariatric Message board was a rambling behemoth of a twenty-five thousand plus member community. Our Message Board Forums are still a wonderful wealth of information but have largely been replaced by Facebook.

It’s beyond me why anyone would want to ‘post’ the bad the embarrassing and the ugly of a surgical obesity procedure on their Facebook wall for the people in their office and old high school friends to read, but there are fewer personal boundaries every day. (Hey Everyone, just got back from the ER where I had to have my impacted bowels manually extracted. Wow, good to be home. Couldn’t believe what was in there! Check out my Instagram)

Facebook. Is. Not. For. Me. I prefer to have a Happy Hour drink with friends without them being privy to my medical procedures, but I am veering off topic.

I used to love writing rants. The first edition of my book had just come out and I was in my ‘bulletproof’ bariatric post op phase. Rants are cynical, they are a tiny bit scathing and are meant to wake people up and create discussion. Some created heated debate but were always meant with good intentions as it is good to be pushed to think. I looked for inspiration around me and wrote one every month. I stopped a few years ago when it became too easy for people to twist my words out of context. It still is, but I am older and don’t care as much. The funny thing is that with social media, there are so many haters out there, pioneers of the genre have lost their power! It’s quite funny if not so sad at same time.

The other day I was answering customer email and received rant inspiration. It has bothered me for a long time that with such proliferation of medical info out there, there should be BETTER access to info, but there is now so much inaccurate info, it serves no one. These days, many new post ops think protein is optional and many don’t buy or “try it” until after returning home from surgery.

My theory is that we no longer have to listen to our surgeons and professionals as there are so many ‘professionals’ online who don’t know Jack, that it is hurting people. Yep, people having their stomach removed are listening to random people on the internet who did not use protein or take vitamins and nothing bad happened. I believe this attitude is a contributing factor to why deficiencies are no longer a matter of if you will have one, but when you will have one. New fact is that 98% of post ops have more than 2 deficiencies at 24 months post op.

We developed and carry a product called PURE, which is an unflavored 100% pure whey protein ISOLATE. The word Isolate means that the protein it has been purified and cleaned beyond belief and all that exists are the actual protein molecules. When you open a bag of protein that ‘stinks’, that smell comes from the rotting impurities that are a normal part of whey protein. This is called protein concentrate. Bad protein tastes yucky because they are trying to cover up that rotting meat smell and taste. PURE is as unflavored as it gets, but you still have to play with it to get it to work perfectly. Fact is that if it tasted like Owl Poop you still need to drink it but that is no longer prevailing online sentiment.

I received an email from a customer who was proud of her Picky Palate in that she could Still Taste the PURE in her concoction and wanted to return it. Stick with me as it ends well!


Dear Melody,
I was going through customer email and noticed yours. Even though our customer service manager Dana answered you, I want to put in my two cents. Please read it with a kind voice inflection as it is meant with heart to help and not malice.

People say they are picky as if it is a good enough excuse. With all due respect, you don’t have a picky palate, you need a ‘checkup from the neckup’. We have our stomachs cut apart with bariatric surgery and picky no longer matters. People get sick from post op deficiencies because they don’t realize that supplements aren’t a joke or a suggestion. Protein and vitamins are something we have to suck up and do no matter what they taste like.

We developed our BE products because bodybuilder protein truly was horrible back when I had my surgery ten plus years ago. However, protein is not meant to be something you sit and sip on the patio and your eyes roll back into your head because it tastes so good. It’s meant to feed our body so we don’t suffer from terrible nutrient deficiencies after we have our stomach 7/8ths removed or cut apart or strangled with a silicon band.

What you just wrote in your email, while polite, tells me that if pre-op, you should reconsider having bariatric surgery. When people start off an email with “I AM VERY PICKY”, I know they are full of it. We were all picky right on up to 350 pounds! PURE is as unflavored as it gets. Use less, as our portion sizes are small… but mostly change your view of what protein is all about. Changing your attitude changes your tastebuds! We have all been eating something and enjoying it when our frame of reference changed and thus our sense of enjoyment. It also works in the positive and when we believe something will taste good, it WILL taste good.

If you have hard time with protein, vitamins will be off your list even faster than the protein you won’t be drinking. Two very young post ops died with complications of nutrient deficiencies in December. Both slowly got sicker and weaker until they were in wheelchairs and then Hospice. One brushed off the advice of friends about taking vitamins just months before her passing. No one knew what was causing the neurological problems until it was too late and organs were shutting down.

I know I am judging and you may think I am being harsh but this is serious stuff. I know what is out there in the marketplace and you may not be thrilled about this lecture, but it could save your life. Figure out how to use that Pure. Make yourself a cup of Wolfgang Puck Tomato Soup and while it heats, place HALF a scoop of Pure in your mug with a couple tablespoons of water and let it melt. Add the hot (not boiling) soup. Add the same liquid Pure to a cup of Swiss Miss sugar free cocoa. Add it to the Mayonnaise you use to make Tuna Salad or the Mustard on your ham. Add it to Guacamole or Sour Cream. Add it to things you already like. Surely you like some semi liquid foods. The people on our Pure product page who RAVE about it in their reviews are no different than you, other than that they decided to make it work.

Make up your mind that you are going to LIKE it and it will taste a whole lot better. Saying ‘you can still taste it’ doesn’t make you a Winner. It causes you to Lose.

We are here to help you succeed in any way we can. Call me and I will help you blend PURE so you ‘can’t taste it’ and you will be a whole lot happier.

Ciao bella,
Susan Maria
13 year RNY post op


The next day I received a return email from Melody. We are working with her to use that Pure and start taking her vitamins every day.

Dear Susan Maria
Your message has been received loud and clear by me. I used to drive myself crazy wondering why would I eat a bag of cookies when I had type II diabetes? After all, I am not stupid.

Now, post surgery, I don’t have diabetes anymore and yet I realize I am doing the same thing. Still not (too) stupid. And I still don’t know why I do or don’t do what I should, but I promise I am going to suck it up and get my protein in somehow.

Thank you for caring enough to write.

Yours truly,