Cheese Sandwich

Make our Homemade PURE Pimento Cheese and serve it with small scoops on a romaine leaf. Soft creamy and full of protein thanks to PURE Unflavored Whey Protein Isolate boosting the value of the dish squarely into bariatric eating mode.

Hopefully you are noticing a pattern. We are playfully featuring flavors that we loved in our old life reworked into WLS friendly post op dishes. Where does the flavor of a Pimento Cheese Sandwich come from? Why it’s the yummy creamy cheesiness and the juicy bits of pimento! The White Bread is merely the vehicle by which the Pimento Cheese gets to your mouth. This is the nature of the concept of bariatric eating.

No one wants to live on a medical diet or view diet food as a punishment or special food or have to consume poor quality bottled or packaged sugar free goo in a bottle – it is simply identifying and elevating real foods that we love that fit our new lifestyle and move us toward our goal of health and weight loss. Find the flavors you like that happen to be on the Good Food side of the scale. There are lots of them!

People get this wrong all the time. In a discussion of BBQ Sauce, which is a huge problem for RNY people because of the often massive hidden sugar content, a friend mentioned ‘Wxxxx Fxxxx’ brand bottled 0 calorie sugar free bbq sauce. The stuff is so vile I don’t even want to give them a mention. First of all, nothing truly worth eating is calorie free. Secon of all, there are no zero calorie foods, it’s just how a company divides the serving size on the label to get below the threshold to declare ZERO CALORIES. A dessert from the Cheesecake Factory can be legally declared ZERO CALORIE if they cut the serving size to a 1/3 teaspoon.

Anyhow, this brand of zero calorie bbq sauce is lab created using gums, thickeners and artificial colors and flavorings. Our staff would occasionally receive a case of mixed bottles of their entire product line and after procuring a juicy rotisserie chicken would have a formal product tasting. I shredded the chicken into juicy bariatric friendly bits and we would have a dish of each sauce for dipping. Our only question for discussion: Does the sauce make the chicken taste better? Why use a sauce if the sauce does not elevate the flavor of what you started with? While so many bariatric people mention this brand, we could never promote it as not one of us ever thought that chicken with the sauce tasted better than without it. Pop. Mind blown.

Bariatric Eating is about choosing good foods over the bad ones but embracing it, not sadly doing it or only doing it for a year. The Lobster Mac and Cheese craze went right by me and I didn’t go there. I didn’t feel deprived or sad about ‘not being able to order it’, because I could have ordered it in a restaurant or made it at home but I decided not to. Which is where the turning point is in having this surgery. When you are able to take control of your life, get the point of bariatric eating and not cheat on yourself. All this from a Pimento Cheese discussion!

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