Great LOW CARB Mexican Food for CINCO DE MAYO!

The Short Story of May the 5th – Impress your friends!

Mexico had been battling with the United States over the Texas, New Mexico, and California territories in the early to mid 1800’s and was in deep financial trouble.

So in comes France, who at the time had the most powerful military in world #NapoleonBonaparte. The French Army took over part of Mexico and created a dependent empire, then at the same time supported the US Confederate States (the South) to keep the Civil War going and keep the US divided and less powerful.

On May the 5th, the powerful French Army of 6000 troops with lots of artillery was defeated by the small Mexican Army of locals in the battle of Pueblo.

So we raise a glass to the victory of a small band of feisty indigenous Mexicans over the sleek and well armed European invaders during the Battle of Puebla.


I am all in for any excuse to serve a good sugar free margarita and some tasty Mexican appetizers.

These are cool for a Cinco de Mayo party because they are easy, delicious, and super inviting. Everybody Wants One! Great use of clear glassware makes this food look fancier than it is! 

1. Mexican Shrimp Cocktails – layer guacamole (I use Wholly Guacamole in the cold section as its fantastic and fast) with roasted or fresh salsa that you have tossed with cooked shrimp to coat, in a martini or dessert glass. Fancy schmancy and perfect in texture and protein for a bariatric post op. Spoon your mixture into the center so it does not slop all over the inside of the glass and gently tap glass against counter top to level. These glasses are a boxed set at Pier One for under ten dollars.




2. Mexican Sundaes. A few more ingredients but the same idea. Layer a combination of black or pinto beans, ground beef seasoned with enchilada sauce, chili, shredded cheddar or jack cheese, Wholly Guacamole, shredded lettuce and salsa in clear glasses or small tumblers to eat with a FORK! Hardly any carbs in sight with perfect post op texture. This is a keeper for a great barbecue or pool party appetizer. The middle glass is Mango Shrimp Salsa – just fold chopped mangoes and diced cooked shrimp into chipotle roasted salsa to spoon on top of shredded lettuce.



3. Sugar Free Classic Margarita. Blend Fresh lime juice, tequila, with a splash of orange juice in a shaker with lots of crushed ice. Strain over more fresh ice in a salted glass. In Mexico this is called a Margarita… lol, as they always make them with fresh lime and a dash of orange. We only use crummy high fructose sugar artificial bar mixers in our bars. (see warning below the image)



IMPORTANT SO LISTEN UP – if you have had bariatric surgery, do not drink any alcohol in the first year after surgery – this is non-negotiable. After that proceed with extreme caution. The alcohol is not digested before it goes to the intestine, it is absorbed as very high proof and it is easy to become very drunk, very quickly and if you drink too much or drink without any food you can die from alcohol poisoning. No shots ever. I have a strict rule in that I do not drink any beverage containing alcohol unless I am with someone who I can trust with my life – no exceptions. Also, a very small percentage of post ops manage to transfer their addictive tendencies from food to alcohol so be very aware of this as it can ruin your life. Same warnings if you had not had bariatric surgery, don’t drink and drive and Be Safe.