How to mix the perfect bariatric protein erin

The trick to bariatric success is embracing the protein drinks. Bald is cute for babies, Bruce Willis, Pit Bull and LL Cool J but won’t look so good on you!

We reach for blenders and mixers and shaker cups and extracts and bananas and ice and malt powder and peanut butter powder and yogurt. We collect 8 ingredient protein drink recipes that use instant pudding and sugar free Oreos. We go through all these kitchen gyrations to try to cover up the bad taste of Bad Protein. We are starting from bad and trying to make it good!

Here’s an idea. What if you had Good Protein and used a throwback technique from when we made that glass of chocolate milk when we were seven years old. Think back to that cold glass of chocolate milk… no ice, no stuff… just smooth goodness. You had a glass, the milk, the powder and a spoon. That’s Inspire! We guarantee this one if you follow the directions.