Haven’t I Seen You Somewhere Before?

Date night may sound silly when you have been together for thirty years, but with my life and work schedule it works for Ty and I to make an actual date to spend time together.

Right after bariatric surgery, when you add in a big dose of CHANGE courtesy of weight loss surgery there is even better reason to secure the ground on which your relationship stands. The person who is not changing can feel insecure and left behind while observing all the happiness, emotion and confidence as the other drops in size.

It is not limited to the men getting a little worried about their wife coming alive after having weight loss surgery. I know women who go over the edge when their husband goes from 345 pounds to 185 and fit via bariatric surgery. It does not help at all when funny friends comment ‘Hey buddy, you need to shape up or she will find someone else!’, ‘She is way too good looking for you, better watch out!’, ‘Everyone is going to be checking out Tommy, he’s hot!’

Make some time to show them you love them, that you are the same person at the core and that you aren’t going anywhere. With or without weight loss surgery, its hard to find time to just talk.

Every Friday for years, my husband and I have a Happy Hour date whether or not it’s in the living room, on the terrace, or a couple of seats at the bar of a local restaurant. We open a bottle of wine or have a drink and instead of cooking dinner I assemble cheese and crackers or if out we share appetizers.  We laugh, focus on dreams and goals instead of the bumps and to the best of our ability wipe the slate clean of the stress of the week. Of course, a cocktail helps immensely.

Make a date with someone you love.


Date night after bariatric surgery



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