A classic salad that is perfect to make when it is Too Hot To Cook. I am expecting that next week will bring a few of those type of days. Follow the photo to make a Cobb Salad for Two. Get out your big wooden salad bowl and make a bed of lettuce for your goodies. Most of the ingredients are things I keep in the fridge but will pick up the others to complete the Cobb set.  I dress our Cobb with Lemon Juice and Olive oil.

1. I buy a one half inch thick slice of Boars Head or Fresh Market deli Chicken to cube.

2. Blue cheese crumbles

3. Avocado cubes

4. We usually have a a few hard cooked eggs in the fridge to slice

5. We always have a container of grape or cherry tomatoes on the kitchen counter

6. The Fresh Market has delicious smoked lean bacon in the meat case to cut up and crisp in a small pan in no time.

A Cobb salad for two is a great bariatric meal when its too hot to cook