Pomegranate Razz Berry Inspire

I have my favorite flavor back. Inspire Pomegranate Razz Berry. We developed this flavor profile for me as I love love love Raspberries and Pomegranate. Always have. When I was a little girl in New Jersey, I would beg my mother to buy me a ‘Chinese Apple’ from the fruit cart.

This flavor is absolutely delicious and you won’t know its protein. It’s that good. Its a true fruity beverage that you stir up, fill with ice and sip because its a nice refreshing thing to do on a Friday afternoon when its 92 degrees. The fact that its a protein drink is mind boggling.

Just goes to show that it can be done. The whey protein isolate we choose to use is so clean and pure, that the Pom, the Razzz, and the Berries shine through with fresh tart true flavor. Inspire natural flavorings are not being used to cover up funky protein smell or taste. Clean pure protein and clean pure natural flavorings make a great drink that just happens to contain 20 grams of protein in a tiny four ounce glass!

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Try some… I promise that it is wonderful and that you will love it.


Five steps to make the perfect Pomegranate Razz Berry Inspire

1. Glass

2. 4 ounces water… that’s just 1/2 cup! 

3. Add a scoop of Inspire Pom Razz Berry

4. Stir with a spoon… let it melt for 30 seconds… don’t rush it

5. Then add additional ice water to taste, plus lots of ice, if you choose. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t

Susan Maria  🙂