What’s in the Bag? Tips for Bariatric Eating On The Road

Bariatric life is busy and its a struggle to eat right while on the move. A mistake we make as ‘bariatric forever’ people is in not thinking and planning ahead. Many of us will travel to visit a relative over the Christmas holiday and it is not cool to leave food for your road trip to chance. Here are proven tips to help you manage, whether you travel as part of your job or take your daughter to softball tournaments.

Fitmark Meal Management Bags for Bariatric Eating


1. Pack your Lunch for the office or meeting.  Take the time to follow your bariatric plan. Do not leave it to chance as odds are your meeting will run long, you will not be able to leave and suddenly you are part of the group ordering Chinese take out.  Even worse, is when everyone decides to ‘finish up’ rather than break for food and once that bariatric low blood sugar headache starts, your day is ruined.

TIP: Pack your lunch the night before and while it is easier said than done, you will be thankful when you open your lunch box and have a wonderful ‘protein first’ chicken salad made from last nights supper, a few almonds and a protein bar.

2. Make Quick Healthy Breakfasts. Stop skipping breakfast. It slows your metabolism and is counterproductive to your efforts. Bake a pan of Egg, Broccoli, Cheese Muffins or Oat & Almond Protein Breakfast Squares and have them ready for the week. Keep a box of bariatric friendly protein bars such as our Inspire S’Mores Protein Cookies in your kitchen or at your desk so in a pinch you have something to eat to get you body going.


Fitmark Bag in the back seat of my car!


3. Keep Protein Snacks in the Car.  Don’t get caught stuck in traffic between meetings or running errands without convenient healthy snacks. Your blood sugar can drop and affect your ability to drive or leave you feeling sick or dizzy. Keep sealed non-perishables in your car. Good choices for your secret console stash? Dried fruit, nuts, jerky, or protein bars.

TIP: Keep a tin of Smokehouse Almonds in your tote bag or car in case you feel lightheaded or begin to get a headache.

4. Pack a Cooler for Road Trips. Pack a family bag with healthy lunch wraps, grape tomatoes, cheese sticks, nuts, jerky and drinks. This not only makes for better eating, but is much better than dropping thirty dollars at a gas station or rest stop in the middle of nowhere. With a full cooler you are well prepared. Our Fitmark Meal Management bags are not just great looking, but functional.


Fitmark Meal Management bags for Bariatric Meal Planning


5. Check out Food Options. If you are going on a trip, go online now and Google what is in the area. See if there is a Whole Foods, or Fresh Market near your hotel or meeting location. Many chain grocery stores have Boars Head meats in their deli for turkey breast and you can pick up fresh fruits and replenish your cooler.

6. Keep a drawer stash of Snacks. Your bottom desk drawer or a fridge in the corner of your office is a great place to keep your hidden treasures of grape tomatoes, cashews, Inspire Protein Bars & Hot Meals, and Gary West Beef Jerky.

7. Get a Lunch Box that you like! Invest in something that is convenient, insulated, big enough, with plenty of pockets of the right size and is able to hold the types of foods you like to eat. I have tried all sorts of styles and types hoping to find the right combination of features. The right bag is worth the investment as it keeps you on path with the post op lifestyle.




Choose a FITMARK MEAL MANAGEMENT BAG in the style that suits your new life.

  • made specifically for dietary management and meal planning
  • excellent quality ballistic nylon with seatbelt type material straps
  • ice packs keep food cool when you do not have access to a refrigerator
  • great color options that are fun, with a variety of size and use combinations
  • no more going to work with a bag that won’t close or has squished your food because it’s too small
  • practical containers plus lots of zippered pockets and places to hold your vitamins and protein powders




7 Tips for Bariatric Eating On the Go