The popular Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout eliminates the No Time excuse if you’re serious about losing weight regained after weight loss surgery or want to be proactive and skip weight gain trauma completely.

We have two short videos for you. J&J explains the physiology and studies backing up the success of HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. This short burst method of working out is a dream come true for people who struggle with exercise commitment.  (we won’t mention names but her initials are SML!)

Unless you DID intend to take the easy way out you must get off the sofa and move!  A 7 minute workout consists of 12 exercises at 30 seconds each in real time. You commit to this for just 3 days a week, but not in a row, so choose a Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday or Monday – Wednesday – Friday for your personal program.

You will feel GREAT about accomplishing this for yourself. You WILL see weight loss or increased weight loss. Adding HIIT exercise was what ignited my recent 34 pound weight loss. You can start moving even before you have mapped out eating changes or bought your protein drinks. No Excuses. Click and check it out. 

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