Why Am I Not Losing? Why Am I GAINING?

After years of attempting to convince myself that I really didn’t eat that much, I finally get it. It’s not just what we eat, it’s what we burn! If weight loss is not fast enough or if we are actually gaining, just do the math. Instead of panicking and getting emotional, step back and take an honest look at every morsel you put into your mouth, the condition of your metabolism and come up with a plan to tackle the problem.

Weight loss surgery rigs the game so we have about a year of an insane free fall of science defying weight loss, but then **THUD** we land and are like everyone else on the planet who has to watch what they eat and exercise to affect any serious change. (except we still have a smaller stomach… yay!)

Why Am I Gaining Weight?
No longer losing, or even regaining some of the weight lost after weight loss surgery can be a serious emotional blow that’s difficult to overcome. It is easier to look the other way and hide the clothes that no longer fit. However, life is full of challenges and weight regain is a setback that can be slowed to a stop and reversed if we own it and get help to turn it around. You are reading this because you are looking for help. It’s Here.

Step Back and Look at Your Habits
The first step in taking back control is to take an honest assessment of the underlying cause of the regain. In some cases, the same emotional reasons for putting on weight before surgery have come to the forefront again. If you successfully rolled along for a number of years before the regain, it helps to identify the point in time where things began to go sideways. Most people are fine until something happens or there is a big life change.

Here’s the Math
Everyone has a balance point where they generally stay the same weight. My brother John, maintains a weight of about 185 pounds because he consumes about 2500 calories a day and since he weight doesn’t change, we know he burns about 2500 calories a day.

For every extra 3500 calories we take in above the balance point, we gain one pound but for every savings of 3500 calories we lose one pound. With or without weight loss surgery, we can take in fewer calories, burn more calories, or combine the two to come up with 3500 calories for each pound we want to lose.

John had a temporary office change that took him a different route and he started stopping at Tony Luke’s every afternoon for a 2000 calorie Italian Pork with Broccoli Rabe & Provolone Sub instead the usual 500 calorie salad he brought from home to eat at his desk. The Math: 1500 ‘extra’ calories x 5 workdays = 7500 calories = 2 pounds. So, in the five weeks of changed pattern, he gained over 10 pounds and his suits didn’t fit.

Come up with a Detailed Plan 
Think of how you are going to change the patterns and habits in your life that got in the way of your maintaining or getting to an ideal weight. When life took a turn, how did your eating and lifestyle change where the pounds were gained. Now outline how you are going to handle those challenges differently where a gain is not the result. Long term bariatric weight loss comes right back to positive mental outlook and self control. Once you make that decision to get back on track to weight loss after gastric bypass surgery, come up with a plan and stick to it.

Going back to bringing lunch from home only stops the gain. To lose 10 pounds, John has had to find places to cut 350 to 700 calories a day plus make time to exercise to increase his burn rate so he can make his goal to lose 1 pound a week.

Find your Backbone
Loving your new life is your best ally when it comes to long term weight loss and maintenance. We have fought to lose half our body weight and even though we may be freaked out by a gain, we have to gather composure and fight to hold ground.

We are strong by virtue of choosing to have weight loss surgery – it’s been said that ‘Bariatric Surgery will slap a backbone in you’ and that is the truth. You have to stand up for yourself and respect what you have accomplished in order to overcome the pull of melted provolone.

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